Best Infertility Clinics in Pakistan- Top 2 clinics listed

Best Infertility Clinics in Pakistan: Infertility is a problem which has a very negative impact on a couple’s mutual relationship. Thus, infertility affects men and women in different ways, like lack of confidence, distance in mutual relationship increases etc. Most couples experience the struggle in a similar way. This is because of the traditional ways men and women have been trained to think, feel and act. Many couples are separated just because of infertility problems.

However, science has also made a great contribution towards the treatment of this disease. Medical sciences had found the cure for most the fertility problems. Thus, most of the couples have regained their love and affection towards each other after the successful treatment.

There are various infertility clinics in Pakistan. Moreover, most of the clinics have a great reputation and have treated the patients with positive results. However, we are going to enlist the top 2 best infertility clinics in Pakistan.

Best Infertility Clinics in Pakistan

Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples

Best Infertility Clinics in PakistanICSI clinics are amongst the best infertility clinics in Pakistan. The ICSI clinics are serving infertile couples and turning patients to parents. The ICSI clinics have a positive reputation because of successful treatments. Moreover, ICSI clinics are equipped with all the diagnostic tools required to assess the cause of infertility and provide all the solutions available in the most advanced clinics in the world.

ICSI has two fully operational centers, one at Saudi Pak Tower Islamabad, one at City Hospital Multan. The clinics have excellent facilities including their own fully equipped operation theaters, laboratories, consultation and ultrasound rooms and counseling rooms.

Salma & Kafeel Medical Center (Also One of the Best Infertility Clinics in Pakistan)

Best Infertility Clinics in PakistanBest Infertility Clinics in Pakistan Best Infertility Clinics in PakistanThe medical center has a male doctor Dr. Kafeel Ahmed Qureshi (MBBS, IVF SPECIALIST Australia) for male patients. The aim is to find the solution for all male patients having any reproductive/sexual problem. Whereas, Dr. Salma Kafeel Qureshi,

(M.R.C.O.G. & F.R.C.O.G. (London) Epidural (specialize in painless Child Birth) IVF specialist (Sydney Australia) Sonologist (Holland)) is serving the female patients. The treatment includes Physical Examination of patients, Counseling, the entire required tests and finally the cure.

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