Best Online University in Pakistan: HEC Affiliated University


Best Online University in Pakistan: Nowadays methods of studies have been changed due to the use of the internet. Distance education is getting popular. It is the fact that students don’t have to attend the regular classes or go to some institution to attend the lecture. All the tools and content related to their subjects are provided at home and study is conducted through the internet.

Many universities have been established in Pakistan to provide distance education. It is important to mention that these universities are very affordable and are recognized by education commission. So, if you are looking for the best online university in Pakistan, then let us help you out.

Best Online University in Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), a very famous and most preferred name for distance learning is considered as the best online university in Pakistan.


Best Online University in Pakistan

The university was founded in 1974. The main campus of the university is in the federal capital, Islamabad. Moreover, the aim was to provide the students with the opportunity to have education without leaving their houses or jobs.

Furthermore, the university is offering more than 2000 courses in its nine regional campuses, 33 regional centers and 41 approved study centers for face to face study.

Moreover, the university is also collaborating with the governmental organization such as Atomic Energy Commission to provide lab facilities to its students. The basic courses include arts, science, literature, and politics.


It is the second Open University ever built in the world. The university was founded under the law of Pakistan and the degrees provided by the university are accepted worldwide. Tests are taken accordingly during the course. In short, it is the most trusted university for online studies in Pakistan.


The registration fee for every bachelor degree program is just two hundred rupees. The admission fee is 300 rupees. For every course, amount of Rs. 2015/- is charged. And the complete semester fee for the first semester is just Rs. 10575/-. Duration of the course is just one year which is further divided into two semesters of six months.

So, the above mentioned features, High-Class study content, Reasonable fee structure etc. makes AIOU the best online university in Pakistan. Hence, whenever you need to take admission for distance learning remember Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) as the best online university in Pakistan.

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