The 8 Best Practices/Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums


To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is necessary that you should practice good oral hygiene tips. Recent studies revealed that there is a strong association between mouth health and overall personal health.

Thus, to keep yourself healthy, follow the below described 8 best practices in your routine life.

Brushing regularly

Brushing regularly is the most widely recommended practice by doctors to keep the teeth and gums safe and healthy. Brushing not only removes plaque and keeps your teeth and gums clean but also helps to kill bacteria present in your mouth and teeth.

Brush your teeth up, back, and front for 2 to 3 minutes two to three times a day. But during brushing, take care that this procedure should not be in an aggressive way; otherwise, it can damage the protective enamel present on the teeth. While buying a toothbrush from a medical store, also check its softness.

Selection of toothpaste

Toothpaste used for brushing also matters a lot to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Therefore, while you buy toothpaste, check the ingredients used in it. Kinds of toothpaste are available in pharmacy and medical stores.

Most of the studies show that the use of fluoride toothpaste is good for the teeth and gum’s health as it provides a protective layer for the teeth. Fluoride toothpaste also provides a barrier against tooth and gums decay.

Use mouthwash

Recent work related to mouthwash showed that mouthwashes are good for oral health. The reason behind this is that they provide three functionalities at one time. For example, they not only lower down the acid level present in the mouth but also helps to keep your teeth and gums clean. They also re-mineralize your teeth and gums.

Therefore, to select a good mouthwash, consult the dentist. Prescription mouthwash will be good for you.

Prefer drinking water and limit the use of sugary drinks

There are a lot of drinks available nowadays. They contain sugar-sweetened elements. For example, juices, normal drinks, etc., contain a lot of sugar elements. The sugary ingredients increase the risks of tooth and gums damage and cavities.

Therefore, not only the doctors but also ADA recommends the use of water instead of sugary drinks because it is not only good for teeth but also for your overall health.

Visit the dentist at least twice a year.

Visiting the dentist and checking the teeth and gums after every 6 months is good to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Because in this way you maintain the hygiene of your teeth. If any dental problem is found, then you can fix it at the time and can avoid their damage. Otherwise, it can be too late to save them.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking includes tobacco use that is the reason for teeth stains. It also causes breathing problem that is linked with other various overall diseases such as cancer. It can also raise other health problems. Thus, avoiding smoking prevents the various diseases of oral and health problems.

Floss at least once a day

Flossing your mouth helps to remove the food particles that are stocked in the teeth and gums. It does the task that usually brush cannot do because they do not reach that place. In this way, it helps to kill the bacteria and remove the cavities and germs present in gums.

Eat vegetables and crunchy fruits.

the use of vegetables and crunchy foods helps you to keep your teeth naturally clean. They also provide a dose of vitamins, protein, and calcium. These ingredients are very important for good teeth and gum’s health as they strengthen them. Chewing vegetables and fruits such as carrots, celery, apples, etc., remove the bacteria present in the mouth.

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