Zainab Rape Case: Celebrities Tweets on Justice for Zainab


No one is unaware of the recent brutal activity took place in Kasur, where a seven years old girl raped multiple times and killed by them. On this brutal activity whole country is deeply grieved and calls for justice. All the famous personalities and celebrities using their tweets as a platform for the justice by making the hashtag of #JusticeForZainab.

Check out how they condemn

Shahbaz Sharif

“Deeply pained about the murder of an 8-year old girl in a child molestation case. Those societies that cannot protect its children are eternally condemned. Not going to rest till the perpetrators of this dastardly act are apprehended & given severest possible punishment under the law”

Dr.Arif Alvi

“It hurts me even to look at or tweet the picture of 8-year-old Zainab who was raped and killed. The culprit must be found & punished #JusticeForZainab. I also urge parents & teachers to educate children & embolden them to report & resist predatory sexual advances”

Hamza Ali Abbasi

#JusticeForZainab…..As vocal as i am, I dont know how to put my feelings into words about this…. I really don’t!”

Syed Ali Raza Abidi

“Because we didn’t follow up on the mass rape case at Kasur, today we ask #JusticeForZainab

Jahangir Khan Tareen

“I’m stunned and deeply grieved to learn of  the abuse & murder of a 7 years old angel in Kasur. The low life sick person/s responsible for this heinous act must be given the worst possible punishment, so that no one dares repeating the same.”

Nafisa Shah

“A 7-year old child #Zainab was raped, tortured& murdered in #Kasur. The culprits, aiders, abetters involved in this brutal &horrifying incident must be identified& brought before the law with no further delay #JusticeForZainab

Waseem Badami

“Still short of words, no idea what to say on this issue. #JusticeForZainab

tweets, Zainab Rape Case: Celebrities Tweets on Justice for Zainab


tweets, Zainab Rape Case: Celebrities Tweets on Justice for Zainab


tweets, Zainab Rape Case: Celebrities Tweets on Justice for Zainab


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  1. We are being sorry for “ZAINAB” and cursing the society that they can not take care of there own children. This is so because people like that rapist occur in the society and to be more specific, in some places, are the society. We remove these people, the society will change itself.
    For example, today when we take the word terriost so the first thing that comes into our mind is Pakistan. Why is it that Pakistan comes into our mind? It is because people are from that society.
    These rapist are to be called as terriost, terrisot to humanity.

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