Bulgarian Cow Sentenced to Death for Illegally crossing the Border

Bulgarian Cow Hanged for Entering in the Serbia Illegally

A Strange incident happens in Bulgaria when a cow is sentenced to death row. The Bulgarian cow had accidentally crossed the border and enters in Serbia. People on social condemn this act and raise their voice to stop this violence.

Yesterday, a strange incident happens in the European country named Bulgaria. The courts of Bulgaria decided to hang the cow who illegally enters in the area of Serbia. The government of Bulgaria said that the cow enters in another country without proper paperwork which is illegal.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y81_7W-jBpk]

Whole Story:

Yesterday, the cow of a Bulgarian man enters in the area of the neighbor country named Serbia. When the cow was eating the grass at the border, it accidentally enters in the area of Serbia. However, Bulgaria is the European country while Serbia is not. the aggressiveness behind this shit decision is due to the European division. The owner of the cow start searching the cow but he did don’t find him. When he reached the border side, he comes to know that his cow has crossed the border. Although, the people of Serbia caught the cow and they take care if the cow.

After that, the man complained to the army that his cow has crossed the border and he wants it back. The border security forces contacted with the Serbia people and get the cow back from Serbia.

What Decision Announced:

Although the cow has come back to the home but Bulgarian forces did not accept the cow. The management of Bulgaria said that the cow has entered in another country without any passport, visa and any other proper paperwork. The decision dragged to the court where they intend to take strict action against this violation. The courts announced to hang the Bulgarian cow just because of illegal entry in Serbia. According to the court, the decision was announced due to the hard and fast rules for non-European Union countries. According to this, non-European people cannot enter the country without paperwork and so as for the European people.

However, this act is really condemning by the social media users. They called it a childish and rubbish act as it spread hates. To be very honest, this foolish act should be stopped and people criticized this a lot.

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