Changan Alsvin Sedan to Arrive in Pakistan Soon

Amid many brands launching new cars in Pakistan, Changan Alsvin is another name that will be available in the market soon. The year 2021 is expected to be a great year for the automotive industry. One of the brands that have been eyeing the Pakistani automotive industry for sometime is Changan.

Changan Alsvin

Changan is one of the largest automotive groups in China and they have partnered with Master Group in Pakistan to launch their new vehicles in the country. The Master Motors have an assembly plant in Karachi and have made an investment of a whooping $100 Million. Changan company has invested 30% of the capital while Masters Motors has invested the remaining 70%.

With such amazing statistics, the car enthusiasts in Pakistan are excited for the Changan Alsvin, a new sedan by the Chinese company.

Changan Alsvin In Pakistan

Masters Motors important about a 2 dozen Asvin sedans that are either going to be display units or they are going to be used in the launch events across the country. It is expected that the local production and assembly of the sedans is going to begin soon. Changan Alsvin is a left-hand drive vehicle, but it is yet to be confirmed if the sedan in launched in Pakistan will be left hand drive or right-hand drive.

The sedan is named ALSVIN after a mythical horse that is very fast. and the specifications of the sedan promises to deliver just that.

Performance Specifications

The Changan Alsvin is a front wheel drive sedan that will come with two engine options. These are going to be VVT 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engines that the parent company call Blue Core. The 1.5 liter (1480cc) engine can generate 145 Nm of torque and 106 horsepower whereas the 1.4 liter (1370cc) engine can generate 99 horsepower and 135 Nm of torque.

Changan Alsvin

It is expected that this sedan is going to be very fuel efficient. The Chinese model of Changan Alsvin delivers 16 – 18.5 kilometers per liter of petrol.

Design and Interior

The design of the sedan is very luxurious, despite the sedan being budget friendly. The design seems to be a blend of Hyundai and Toyota budget friendly vehicles. The exterior will feature height adjustable halogen projector headlights, Daylight Running Lights, a massive grill for the aesthetics and a great look at the rear.

Changan Alsvin

As for the interior, the Changan Alsvin is expected to have a simple yet fascinating look. There will be an analogue display but there will be an option for a 7 inch touchscreen floating display. Plus, the sedan is expected to come with plenty of basic safety features.

Price of the Changan Alsvin

Changan Alsvin

The Changan Alsvin will be launched on 11th December, 2020 and it is expected to receive great results in the Pakistani automotive market. The price of the sedan is expected to be between the range of Rs. 2.3 million to Rs. 2.5 million.

What do you think? Is this going to be a sedan that you will enjoy?

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer is a graduate from Kinnaird College for Women and holds a Bachelors in English Literature. She is a seasoned freelance writer with more than a decade of experience in multiple niches.
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