Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris

we are going to compare the notable highlights and specs of Changan Alsvin Vs Toyota Yaris. Alsvin is a modern participant within the local Car segment because it has been revealed recently. Furthermore, will gives you a brief idea about the car details.

Changan Alsvin Vs. Toyota Yaris

Gathered all the necessary detail about the Changan Alsvin and Toyota Yaris for the fans of both cars. we will tell you about its variants, specs and special features Detailed Review with Features, Interior & Exterior, Safety, Mileage, On Road Price Comparison, Dimensions, Engine Specs and all other details have been covered.

Changan Alsvin feature summarized:

  • Adjustable Halogen Headlamps
  • Steering Mounted Controls
  • Rear Parking Camera and Sensors.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Toyota Yaris feature summarized:

  • Beam Halogen with Fog Lamp and LED DRL
  • Rear Camera
  • Dual SRS Airbag
  • Steering switches with audio, Bluetooth, and MID

The engine of Changan vs Yaris :

Changan Alsvin comes in two engine types: VVT 1.37-litre with 99hp and 1035Nm torque, and 1.5-litre with 105hp and 145Nm torque. The 1.3L variant is manual, while 1.5L comes with 5-Speed DCT Auto Transmission. Yaris comes with a 1496cc engine, producing 106hp and 140Nm making a more smooth turning effect.

Look at both cars:

The outside of Alsvin is so stylish with a streamlined body plan that’s better than average and dynamic at the same time. On the front of the vehicle, there are display Lenticular headlights and unique eye-catching Led daytime running lights underneath within the bumper. It has a huge three-level lines chrome grille and underneath is the huge discussion admissions that advance upgrades its street presence. While The measurements of this Yaris have contracted compared to the past model, with overall length somewhat decreased and a lower roofline than before. The impact could be the energetic, more solid look, with the metallic and pearlescent bi-tone paint wraps up especially striking.

Price, warranty, and booking

Changan Alsvin:

To book a Changan we can use the Changan Pakistan website. With a warranty of 3 years, 100,000km Changan Alsvin is PKR 2655836.

Toyota Yaris:

We can get Toyota Yaris in PKR 2,509,000 To 2,999,000 with a five-year warranty. To book a Yaris we can use Yaris Pakistani website.


As can be seen from the details Changan Alsvin just to break the status quo and monopoly of a Japanese car. Well, Alsvin has a reasonable price with a quality function and dynamic design. While the Yaris loses points for having a disputable design and for being the most expensive option in the segment.

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