China’s Mehran car at cheapest rate. Fake or Real?

Traveling has always been a basic need since beginning of life. Early people used to travel by riding on animals and with passage of time many advancements came.Now a days bicycles, motorbikes, cars and other vehicles are used for traveling purposes. Among them car is that vehicle that is mainly preferred while traveling along with family but it obviously cost more money when compared to other vehicles.

Everyone prefers to have a ride of low cost and best mileage. To fulfill people’s need, different companies are manufacturing different standard vehicles. Almost every month we hear about the newly launched vehicle from a certain company of a country and China is the country that always surprises people with its products.

Couple of days back, it got viral almost everywhere that China has launched a new car in Pakistan that is a twin of Suzuki Mehran car but will be available at quite a cheapest rate of ONLY 2 lac and 50 thousand. Well its quite shocking, surprising and burning matter these days.lets discuss this controversial matter to come up to some sort of conclusion.




Let us consider some facts about this car from the beginning.


Since it’s heard that the car with such a low price has been launched in Pakistan, no one yet has seen it on roads.


If the duplicate of Mehran suzuki can be made and launched at such a low price then why the rate of Real Mehran car is quite high?


Are there some defects in newly launched car? Or some facilities are lessened from it when compared to suzuki mehran car?


In Karachi, there are some offices that are doing advance bookings for this car but no one has yet granted it.


Many people have witnessed that everything about this car is just a rumor and many people took advantage of this rumor by opening offices overnight and dealing frauds.


No authentic prove about the launch of this car has yet appeared on scene.


Last but not the least, if this car is really launched and has such a low price in real then there is something about it that is not yet revealed as it my be hazardous to its popularity.



Considering all above mentioned facts, we are now in a wait and watch situation. In such an era of advancements where anything can happen it can be thought that it may be true as we can expect anything at any price from CHINA. But all facts till yet are clearly stating that launch of such a car is a biggest rumor of this year and a big way to make people fool and loot them. It is advised that if you are dreaming of this car then beware and make complete investigation about it before becoming victim by spending money .

Aisha Rajpoot
Aisha Rajpoot
is a part time writer and love to write on technology, drama's and entertainment.
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