How to Approve Patent in Pakistan – Criteria, Procedure, Cost

The procedure of Approve Patent in Pakistan – Complete Detail

The patent is applied on when you have an invention and wants to save it from being used, copied, shared, distributed by others for a limited period of time. It is filed for a limited period of time usually 20 years or less. The patent in Pakistan is reserve the Intellectual property organization (IPO)Pakistan. The IPO is responsible for generating new patents, renew the patents, industrial development and growth and many more. The procedure of Approve Patent in Pakistan is here.

The Criteria for Approve Patent in Pakistan :

The criteria of Patent are quite simple and is applied to the invention that another person doesn’t have. To be eligible for the patent, the invention must meet the following criteria;

  • The invention should be new
  • It should involve all the invention steps
  • Invention should not compromise the laws and morality
  • It must be capable of development of industry

How to Approve Patent in Pakistan :

To improve a patent in Pakistan, you have to take the application form available online as well as offline. Usually, the patent form is available in a bookshop near the office.

  • First of all, Download and fill the patent form carefully
  • Secondly, the form contains some important and partial portions. It’s not necessary to fill the partial portion but it’s a plus point.
  • Note that, if you can’t find patent form anywhere, then contact the office of the patent
  • Then, fill out another application form for provisional specifications (you will find this form attached with the first form)
  • After that, submit all the application form in the office
  • Later, the patent office will examine and verify the details as well as criteria for patent
  • If any party filed a complaint against the patent, then you have to defend the application for patent. In some swore cases, the patent application can be rejected.
  • Now, if no complaint raises against the patent, they asked you to fill an application form.
  • Lastly, the patent will be allotted to you for next 20 years. But you have to renew it every year.
  • If you failed to renew the patent, then the patent authority has the right to reject your patent at any time.

Costs of the Patent:

The cost of the patent changes every year. Approximately you have to initially pay 10,500 something for registering the new patent. After that, the renewal fee for next 8 years is 6,000 and so on. If you want to change some portions in the patent, then you have to pay 5,000 approximately.

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