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Shopping or your favorite Brand has become more and more frustrating as you look for the best available deals to help you get your desired products and services. With the Brand market growing massively day by day. Shoppingum is Pakistan’s largest online shopping search engine with currently catering and assisting more than a hundred online shopping stores of Pakistan, and international stores are also on the verge of getting under this giant of an umbrella of online shopping; particularly for the reason of how Shoppingum has facilitated and assisted the world of online shopping to innovate into a much safer and user-friendly interface.

With the easy access and provision of internet because of the introduction of 3G and 4G allowed every phone on any street corner to be introduced with the help of several methods and co–ordinations of communicating with other compatible forums. Interfacing with fellow individuals, collaborating with known experts of the field and cooperating with similar syndicates has helped in adding more effectiveness to the everyday dealings of Online Shopping.

The ability of communicating and collaborating, regardless of the parameters of space and time has allowed a completely new and, once, inconceivable field of online shopping to bloom.  Online shopping in Pakistan has grown at an incredible rate since its familiarization with the internet–relying people, and now competition is present to make the best use this disguise of shopping in this digitalization based era.

Access to Multiple Shops

Shoppingum assists users an easy access to the your brands, online stores and help your loyal customers to get to your favorite Branded products and merchandises.; irrespective of the restraints and limitations of time of the day and the location of their home from the physical address of your store, at the same time to help them get the best of the deals from your Brand of products and merchandises and even services.

Shoppingum reduces the hassles of visiting and revisiting numerous online shopping websites by bringing all the appropriate results right to the one’s phone screen, by serving as an advanced, never seen before, search engine.

What does Shoppingum offer to the world of online shopping?

To keep up with the enormous size of the online shopping industry an online environment set up forth by the constant promotions and endorsements of the customs of the online shopping. People daily perform multiple transactions and business deals through numerous online shopping websites. On the other hand, however, there are numerous problems and insecurities that were growing in an unquestionable manner; making people lose interest in online shopping.

Brand Growth

Shoppingum is the official upgrade for the Online Shopping Industry for which everyone had been waiting. Innovating new techniques, pioneering new methods and creating a safer environment helps your Brand grow and get a secure position in the Online Shopping Industry! Shoppingum unifies all of your products on your shopping websites and reveals them as desired by the user with comparison to your competitors. To further enhance your Online Shopping Market, Shoppingum will assist your Brand in the following ways:

Online Identity Verification

One of the vaguest aspects of the Online Shopping Industry is the failure to properly identify the costumers. Fake profiles, invalid phone numbers and null home addresses result in huge amount of revenue losses because of the failure of product cash recovery through the Cash–on–delivery purchases. This massive loss in the revenue has greatly affected the growth business of several Brands, and such bad experiences have resulted major Brands to step away from Online Shopping. Shoppingum makes your Brand more secure and safe from such fraud.


Shoppingum regularly monitors and observes the user profile activity of the ongoing traffic in order to filter out the suspicious and bogus accounts. Customers who place high value order or large orders  required all their identification essentials. And bank details to pass the verification stage.


The authenticity of the order is first verified with the previous ordering pattern of the user. Following, a location verification text sent to the user in order to verify the delivery order and the zip codes are verified.

A verification code sent to the user whenever they signed in, in order to perform the online purchases. Once the order of your respective Brand has been verified. They user tasked to the necessity of waiting for an automated call before the Cash–on–delivery product leaves your shop. The automated call verify the delivery address on the respected phone number. And also the details of the product to be delivered.  

User- Care Services

Similarly, another additional lacking competency and capability in the world of online shopping was the presence of no provision of continuing the user-care experience: before, during and after the sales. Shoppingum assists you in a new all-embracing and far-reaching concept of costumer experience and with respect to your Brand type. Shoppingum is ever present for your costumer’s simplification and assistance to enrich their shopping experiences when it comes to your Brands.

User-Friendly Channels

Shoppingum assist you in the omni–channels identified for the best costumer experiences for your Brand. With the Shoppingum servers providing to you the best applicable communication channels for your bands, you can ensure your loyal customers an extraordinary experience. The majorly advanced and updated engagement tools of Shoppingum enable you to serve the users across all types of user friendly channels: offering not only before sales services but also during and after sales services in order to ensure your Brand a successful online market growth.

Better Experience Assurance

While utilizing the search engine feature of Shoppingum for your Brand product, the user rerouted to your online customer services forum. And with the additional support of the Shoppingum staff in directly and indirectly dealing with the better experience assurance. The channels of communications, as mentioned earlier, are phone calls, emails, live chat rooms, video calls and third party communications. All of this made more accurate and effective by the concept of User Profiling which allows both the Shoppingum and your Brand to keep track of all ongoing business related to your Brand, through Shoppingum.

Moreover, numerous featured articles on your Brands regularly featured for the ongoing customer traffics. Making people completely aware of not only your prominent product specifications and features, but also compare our lesser known relatable products with their competitors.

Product Analysis

No online forum focused on providing and developing a strategy in order to enable the Brands to ensure that the best deals is available for the online shopping customers. Shoppingum sieves out the best results of the products on the online shopping websites, emphasizing on the separate promotion of your Brands as under the recommended and affordable listings. This offers a good amount of web presence to even the most unlikely online shopping dealers.

Costumer Experience

Furthermore, Shoppingum is always ensuring a good customer experience for your Brand and is regularly in communication with you to regularly update your Brands product listings.

Based on your most prominent products which are in demand, product authenticity of all retailers of your Brands with the sense of ensuring your loyal customers with the genuineness of your Brand and also regularly helping you update your Brands inventory and re-stocking information.

Product Segmentation

This capability of product segmentation makes it easier for your Brand to easily catalogue and differentiate the available a products and relatable products, resulting in an effective, stress free and rapid decision-making for your customers.

Mutually-handled Branding

Shoppingum has a vast yet user friendly interface aimed for assisting the entirety of the online shopping Brands in acquiring business deals, without hassle. The online shopping Brands are offered to make an account on the search-engine. And enroll in the regular updating of their Brand details and handle their inventory details by themselves.

Ease of Costumer

The website is designed for the ease of costumer for the entire online shopping journey of your Brand products. Past conversations are saved by the servers to help you stay connected to your costumers for an out of the world experience. The geographical location, the referral page and the browsing behavior of the user is identified and utilized in a manner to make communication and the process of regular product updates easier to understand.

Product Info Interfaces

Similarly, Shoppingum provides Product Info Interfaces. Aiming to assist your customers in getting authentic details and better offers for your Brand products. Likewise, Shoppingum, for your assistance in the online shopping domain, has also made it easy for the Brand-conscious users. By introducing a new Brand-Specific searching feature to avoid revisiting lesser-quality products: bringing the reality shopping experience to be simulated in an incredible and remarkable manner.


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