The Deadbody of Ali Sadpara Found By His Son on K-2

It’s been a few months when we heard the news of Ali Sadpara being missing on his K2 mission along with his colleagues. After a few days, when no clue was found, we assumed them dead; however, the dead body could not be found by anyone. On 26th July 2021, the dead body has been recovered by his son Sajid Sadpara.

Sajid was also on the mission with his father, but due to not having enough oxygen, he had to terminate this mission. The body has been found below the Bottleneck, according to unconfirmed reports.

The first one of John Soneri, who was also on the mission, was found from 400m below the bottleneck and later found Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s body from 300m below the bottleneck. Various adventure guides with maximum followers have confirmed this news on their social media accounts.

Ali Sadpara

Who is Ali Sadpara

In case you are not aware of the entire incident, he was a mountaineer who had a deep connection with mountains. Before his death, no one reached out to him or appreciated the work that he did for his homeland. He started his career as a mountaineer in 2006 and did wonders throughout his career.

In the past, he climbed World’s 13 highest mountains in the Karakoram and made his dream come true. He also tried to climb the 9th Largest mountain Nanga Parbat but couldn’t win. Yet, he didn’t lose hope and kept going. His enthusiasm and passion became his biggest supports, and he kept conquering the world.

Ali Sadpara’s K2 Mission

On 5th Feb 2021, he, along with his colleagues and son, went for the K2 mission with an aim to return successfully. Other teams included John Snorri, JP Mohr, and Sajid Sadpara. However, his son had to go back due to not having enough oxygen. After a few days, the connection between Sadpara and his team lost.

Later, they were confirmed dead however the dead bodies couldn’t be initiated. In July, Sajid Sadpara, along with the team, again went on admission to found the dead bodies of his father and his team. On 26th July, finally, good news circulated on social media regarding the dead bodies that are found on K2.

Many people have confirmed this news and congratulate his son for being honest and passionate. Mountaineers like Ali Sadpara are born once in a life. Though, he couldn’t climb K2 yet made the nation proud.

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