Ehsaas Program CNIC Check – Online Registration

If you are not yet aware of Ehsas Program then it’s time to get yourself facilitated with all the details about this program. It is a program where the government gives Rs.12000 to needy families. However, there are some rules and regulations applied in this process that we have already defined in the previous article.

The point to be noted is, this is the third phase of the Ehsas Program where cash will be distributed once again to all affected people or families.

This program is specially designed for those who have gone through a lot during the Corona crisis. Now the question arises, How to check CNIC online registration for the Ehsas program? This guide will give you a complete idea step by step. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Ehsaas program CNIC check online registration 2022

Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online

If you are eligible for this program yet are facing some fingerprint verification issues, you will definitely receive payment. In case you are facing any difficulty in registration, you can enter your phone number and CNIC in the form of the Ehsaas Program that you will fill.

Once you are done with form filling, you will immediately get a tracking number You can trace that number from Ehsaas program CNIC check online Nadra. If you have applied from this portal you will receive your payment within a few days.

In order to check online status, the government has also facilitated people with an online portal where you don’t need to go here and there in order to check the status. Through this portal, you can also check whether you are worthy of this program or whether your name is included or not.

How To Check

You can check your eligibility status by sending your CNIC number on 8171. You will receive a message regarding your eligibility status for Ehsas Program. Furthermore, you can have access to Ehsaas Emergency Cash web portal that will let you know about your status.

You can go to the portal by following the link mentioned below:

Go to the portal and enter your CNIC number. You will get to know whether you are eligible for this program or not within no time. Apply for the aid if you haven’t if you are worthy of this program.

Ehsaas emergency cash new portal

It is said to be one of the biggest initiatives done by the government so that people who are actually in need can get facilitated. If your name has already been registered in the Ehsas Emergency portal you will surely receive your amount.

As per the portal, various other programs are also on their way to be launched soon for the public’s ease. Hence, if you are needy or you know anyone who deserves to be registered for this program, you can get the information through an online portal. Hope this guide will help you in the future.

Disclaimer: The Government announced this program at the start of Lockdown. Now it has been ended. Verify from official sources before applying.


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