Must Try Emerging Local Cosmetic Brands


Local cosmetic brands in Pakistan have been emerging for the past few years now. They’re making their presence felt with their high-quality products, giving fierce competition to already-existing multinational brands in the market.
Local cosmetic brands are producing products that are more suitable for the skin type and skin tone of the average Pakistani woman to survive the hot, humid weather and match the tanned-to-dark skin of most of them.

Masarrat Misbah

The owner of the Depilex salon chain as well as the founder of Depilex Smileagain Foundation, Masarrat Misbah, created her line of the first-ever Halal cosmetic products in Pakistan. Among the emerging local cosmetics brands, Masarrat Misbah is working its way to the top with its Asian-skin-tone-friendly foundations, liquid lipsticks, eye-shadows, blush-on and much more.

Luscious Cosmetics

Founded by Meherbano Sethi, Luscious Cosmetics has a strict policy against animal testing, and all its products are vegan. The brand along with its extensive product range has grown over the past few years. They are available all across the Asia Pacific region.

Odho Cosmetics

Atiqa Odho created the first celebrity cosmetic brand in Pakistan. Odho cosmetics offers products ranging from lipsticks to high-quality, professional brushes and mani-pedi sets.


Nabila, a Pakistani award-winning makeup artist, is creating her line of makeup products. She has started her journey with the amazing No-makeup palette and Magicurl. Nabila holds a promising future in the industry for her innovative cosmetic creations.

J. Makeup

Junaid Jamshed has recently launched its new makeup line in collaboration with Note Cosmetics, Turkey. The products include foundations, concealer, eye pencils, face powders, blushers, mascara and eyeshadows. All the products are guaranteed to be halal and made with nourishing, exotic oils.

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