Basic kitchen safety tips


Your kitchen can quickly become a dangerous place. Hence, it’s advised to take precautions. A few basic safety tips in the kitchen are always handy and can save you from serious, long-lasting injuries.

kitchen safety tips:

Following are some easy-to-follow kitchen safety tips.

Avoid extension cords in the kitchen

Extension cords can easily cause water and electrical shock accidents. It’s wise to use junction box which is safer.

Appropriate clothing

Loose sleeves, uppers, and stoles easily catch fire from the stove. Keeping hair loose also poses the same threat.

Child-lock everything

Child-lock everything from drawers, cabinets to an oven. Make sure appliances and sharp objects remain out of children’s reach. Get rid of broken and damaged appliances

Get rid of broken and damaged appliances

Broken or damaged appliances can be extremely dangerous since they increase changes of electrical shocks. Broken sharp edges or glass utensils must be fixed immediately.

Away from the stove and heater

Make sure curtains, dish towels, oven mitts, pot holders and other clothes away from the stove and heaters always. Do not leave the stove or oven switched on unnecessarily. Using flame-proof containers is always wise.

Handling knives

When cutting with blades, always cut away from the body in case it slips and cuts you. Always use cutting boards or protect counter tops. Keep the knives clean, mainly handles, since slippery knives cause accidents. Dry them and keep them flat carefully. Never leave them in soapy water because they’re hard to spot. In case the knife falls, never attempt to catch it, instead move away from it.

Clean up spills immediately

Spills on the floor or counters should be dealt with immediately. Anyone can slip on the wet floor, and messy counters can damage appliances.

Keep the floor clear

Always keep the floor clear to avoid falling over things like toys, footstools, etc.



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