1 Euro to PKR | Euros to Pakistani Rupees Today Exchange Rate


Investors in Pakistan keep their eye on Euro to PKR rate. Euro is one of the strongest currencies in the world and as per norm with our country’s economy, Euro rate is always high as compared to Pakistani Rupee. Euro is the currency of European Union and Euro rate in Pakistan is always high.

Out of 27 countries that make up the European Union, Euro is considered the currency of 19 countries that include Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Finland and more. There was a time when the Euro was one of the strongest currencies in the world and it sat comfortably at the top, but now it is one of the strongest.

Each of the countries use Euro as the currency of their choice to make import and export procedures much easier. It has allowed them to enhance their economy and keep it in a top-notch condition to make their countries better. Today Euro rate in Pakistan is 198.19 and it is expected that the rate will increase in the coming days. What is euro rate today in Pakistan? You can find the answer here.

Euro to PKR

The Euro to PKR history, Pakistani rupee has never been able to match the Euro in any regards. As Pakistan is an underdeveloped country, the Pakistani rupee has struggled a lot to come to a standard that is close to the Euro. The Euro rate has always been high as compared to Pakistani rupee and euro rate today is a testament of that.

Forex rates always stay on top of the current market conditions and share the current Euro rate as compared to Pakistani rupee. However, in the past few years, Euro to PKR comparison has made a little difference. In the past few years, Pakistani rupee has been categorized as 30 global economies based on Gross Domestic Product.

Currently, the European Union has Euro Banknotes of 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 whereas you can also find Euro coins in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. Euro to PKR rate is always high and has remained in the high 190s for some time now. Both the currencies are closely linked with each other, thanks to the bilateral trade between the two countries. The European Union Euro rate changes very slowly, but when it does, it affects Pakistani currency as well.

Why euro rate increase in Pakistan? That all depends upon the current market standards and how well the Euro is doing against Pakistani Rupee. This is the reason why people who invest their money in currencies keep an eye on euro to pkr rate of the day.

Anyone who wishes to keep an eye on the current market trends as regards to Euro to PKR can check the current rate of Euro to PKR here. If you are wondering what is the euro rate today in Pakistan, you can find the information right here.

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