Facebook’s Messenger Lite with Animated GIFs and Emoji’s

Make More Fun on Facebook’s Messenger Lite via GIFs & Customization…!!!

The social media platforms are getting more popular with the passage of time. Mostly used social Medias are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. Now there is a big update in Facebook’s Messenger Lite version. It is the lite version of FB Messenger that is also used by many people. Now people would be able to send the animated GIFs and much more to their family and friends via Facebook’s Messenger Lite. More customization features have been added in Facebook’s Messenger Lite. These features were available in full-sized Messenger App but now these are also available in lite version of the app. Now the users can express their feelings and emotions by using the animated GIFs in their chat. The user of Facebook’s Messenger Lite can now change the Chat Color and can send more emoji’s to their contacts in their list. The details of this addition in the app are described below. Read all these info and download the lightweight app in your smartphones.

Facebook’s Messenger Lite with More Features

Everyone wants to share his/her feelings, emotions and photos of the memorable moments with their loved ones. For this purpose many social media websites are performing the vital roles for people. If you want to send a message, to send and receive photos, links and stickers then Facebook’s Messenger Lite is also can do the same work for you. Many latest features were not available in Facebook’s Messenger Lite earlier. But, Now Facebook’s Messenger Lite version has become the excellent app with more features and ease. The people who uses this app can now enjoy the Animated GIFs and more Customization features in this app. People can express themselves more in chats with family and friends by sending and playing animated GIFs.

Facebook's Messenger Lite

Animated GIFs:

If you want to send a GIF, use the keyboard and search for the specific GIF in its library. After this you can send the more expressive message by using animated GIF.

More Customization:

The latest feature also added more customization for the users. The users of Facebook’s Messenger Lite can now also customize their conversations with different people and groups. It is offering various color choices and emoji’s to make the chat more personal.

The updates have been done but the size of Facebook’s Messenger Lite would still remain under 10MB. This lightweight messaging app is available in over 100 countries including the video chat capabilities earlier this year. Now make your messaging, sending and receiving photos and links and receiving stickers more fancy and easy with Messenger Lite. As it also has the same bolt logo as Messenger but only color reversed. The bolt is blue with a white chat bubble background. If you not download this amazing app still then hurry up and download it in your smartphone and make more fun with your loved ones.

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