FIFA World Cup Trophy to Reach Pakistan on 3rd Feb, 2018


Despite the reality that Pakistan Football Federation has been suspended by FIFA and unable to qualify for FIFA 2018 match but still we have a lot of football fans in Pakistan. These fans may get satisfied after watching the gold and glittery FIFA world cup trophy. This trophy is expected to reach to Lahore on 3rd of February 2018.

On this summer, FIFA 2018 is going to be held and 32 teams have participated in this upcoming match while Pakistan gets unqualified. This rejection broke many hearts of football lovers in Pakistan but the glimpse of this trophy might satisfy them. There were many fears and issues behind inviting the trophy to the homeland for PFF but world cup partner Coca-Cola ensured the safe tour. The tour of FIFA trophy includes 50 countries in which Pakistan is in the list for the very first time in the history.

“As a Pakistani, I am very excited,” Rizwan told The Express Tribune. “This will increase awareness in our youth and revive a culture of football. I foresee Pakistan playing in the World Cup in the future as well,” General Manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Rizwan U Khan. He further said, “Many countries were vying for it. We can’t comment on the PFF-FIFA issue but this is a big deal for Pakistan.”

According to the press release, 16 members delegation in which media representatives, officials and Coca-Cola members will go to Thailand, receive the trophy and bring it to Lahore. It will only stay for one day and will be transferred to Kazakhstan, all the football fans will have the opportunity to come and watch the FIFA trophy live.

“We want to revive football in Pakistan and this trophy tour is a step in the right direction to drive interest among football fans in Pakistan,” said an official.

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