More Rapes and Murders Going on – The Situation is Alarming!


No one is unaware of Zainab rape and murder case which had done in a brutal way. Parents are getting more worried about their kids and trying to take more care of them. Still, there is more rape and murder cases are going on after Zainab case happened in Kasur. Not only girls but boys are also being kidnaped, raped and murdered in the previous history and there are a lot more cases which not have been registered yet, due to social issues.

Right after Zainab case where people didn’t get any justice yet, another rape and murder case has been registered. A boy name Faizan with the age of 15 being sexually assaulted and murdered after that. His family found his body from the fields of Faisalabad.

A mother approached the high court about the issue of her missing daughter in Rawalpindi. She has been missing from last three months and the Zainab incident makes her mother more worried.

After the brutal murder of Zainab another 16 years old girl rape and murder, as has been reported. That girl has been raped and killed in the fields of Sargodha.

At Peshawar, a 5 years old girl also being raped and killed by rapists after the Zainab brutal incident.

About a week ago, at Sheikhupura a 7 years old girl being raped and killed brutally and later the rapist is killed by the police in the encounter.

An 11 years old boy’s body found in the fields of Pattoki. He has been killed and sexually abused a few days ago.

The situation is getting worse day by day and people are feeling themselves and their families insecure due to these issues. There must be a lot more case about we are not aware, but these incidents are affecting the confidence of the kids. All Pakistan is standing against one issue of “let live the future”. These tiny souls are the future of Pakistan and government is responsible for their security. May Allah grant peace to their families and keep safe all children of Pakistan Ameen.

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