Five Simple Recipes Of Mangoes: Mouthwatering Recipes


Summer and mangoes is a beautiful combo. With the arrival of this season, mangoes with their delicious tasty desert and other recipes conquer the whole Pakistan. All of the fruits are put at back and mangoes grab the market completely because of its mouth watering flavor. From the all age group, either children or older ones, every one love to have it. Today we are telling five simple recipes of mangoes which will be a tasty addition to your Dining table certainly. Moreover try them this Ramadan and get best compliments.

  1. Mango Lassi

    Mango Lassi

This is good for Iftar even. It is a perfect combination of yoghurt and mangoes.


Mangoes pulp   (4-5)

Milk       (½ liter)

Yoghurt                                (1Kg)

Sugar     (5-6 table spoons)

Ice cubes


Grind them all well and serve it chilled.

  1. Mango Delight

    Mango Delight

One of the mouth watering desert which is also colorful presentable desert.


Mangoes   cut in cubes (5-6)

Jelly  (different colors)

Cream   (2packs )


It is simplest one. Put cube shaped mangoes in bowl. Add jelly of different color to make your desert colorful. At the end pour cream over it and mix it well. Chill it in freezer then serve.

  1. Mango and Vanilla Ice cream shake

    Mango and Vanilla Ice cream shake


Mangoes Pulp   (4-5)

Vanilla Ice cream              ( 1 pack)

Cream   (1 pack)

Milk       (1 liter)

Sugar (to taste)

Chocolate chips


Pour milk, cream, ice cream, sugar and mangoes pulp in grinder. Grind all ingredients well. Then serve it in ice cream glass by garnishing it with chocolate chips.

  1. Mango Creamy Salad

    Mango Creamy Salad


Mango cut in cubes  (4-5)

Cream (one and half cup)

Yoghurt (half cup)

Nuts (garnishing)

Mango jelly (1 packet)


First of all, grind cream and yoghurt together. Then put jelly and mangoes cubes in a bowl. Pour the mixture of cream and yoghurt over it. Garnish it with nuts.


  1. Mango Salsa

    Mango Salsa


Mango (1 cut in cubes)

Fresh lime juice (1 table spoon)

Tomato (1 diced)

Salt and black pepper (to taste)

Red onion (1 table spoon)

Jalapeno (1 table spoon)


Mix them all together. Add salt pepper according to taste. Once mixed, freeze them. Before serving add crisy chips to enhance the taste.


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