GoGreen and Askari Airline to be Launched Soon in Pakistan

Soon two new airlines are to make their appearance in the skies of Pakistan. In this regard, upcoming airlines have contacted Aviation Division and Civil Aviation Authority. New airlines include GoGreen Airways and Askari Airline. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has received applications for approval from the airlines. PCAA is the authority responsible for regulating the civil aviation in the country. It is owned by the International Civil Aviation Organization. All the airports of the country are members of PCAA.

According to resources, new airlines will enhance the competition within airline companies of Pakistan. Askari Airline will operate under Fauji Foundation along with the private business partners. If airlines will get license from the concerned authorities then they will operate only within country for a year. However, according to rules of Civil Aviation, after getting being registered, airlines have to add three fight-radars in the operation.

According to the officials of GoGreen Airways, it was officially launched on 9th October 2017. However, the airline is waiting for pilot registration from the authorities.

However, further information regarding the two airlines have not been revealed yet. As any of the information will be disclosed by the authorities, Beam.pk will let its readers know about it. For further queries leave a comment below and keep visiting Beam.pk 🙂

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Amna Ansar
Amna Ansar
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