GoGreen and Askari Airline to be Launched Soon in Pakistan

Soon two new airlines are to make their appearance in the skies of Pakistan. In this regard, upcoming airlines have contacted Aviation Division and Civil Aviation Authority. New airlines include GoGreen Airways and Askari Airline. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has received applications for approval from the airlines. PCAA is the authority responsible for regulating the civil aviation in the country. It is owned by the International Civil Aviation Organization. All the airports of the country are members of PCAA.

According to resources, new airlines will enhance the competition within airline companies of Pakistan. Askari Airline will operate under Fauji Foundation along with the private business partners. If airlines will get license from the concerned authorities then they will operate only within country for a year. However, according to rules of Civil Aviation, after getting being registered, airlines have to add three fight-radars in the operation.

According to the officials of GoGreen Airways, it was officially launched on 9th October 2017. However, the airline is waiting for pilot registration from the authorities.

There is a growing demand on the aviation sector to become more environmentally conscious and less impactful in this age of paramount importance for environmental sustainability. In light of this critical need, Askari Airline, a prominent Pakistani airline, has launched its GoGreen project to revolutionize sustainability. Learn about Askari Airline’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and pave the way for a more sustainable aviation industry in this blog post.

Improving Fuel Economy

Askari Airline is cognizant of the fact that the aviation industry’s fuel use greatly contributes to carbon emissions. The airline has taken many steps to decrease emissions and increase fuel economy in response to this problem. Among these measures are the following: the purchase of new, more aerodynamically designed aircraft; the optimization of flight paths to reduce fuel consumption; and the implementation of cutting-edge technology to monitor and maintain engine performance and efficiency.

Askari Airlines is investigating opportunities to power its operations using alternative energy sources as part of its GoGreen strategy. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are being studied and funded as part of this effort. SAFs are similar to biofuels and synthetic fuels, except they are sourced from renewable sources. The airline plans to drastically cut down on its use of fossil fuels and its total carbon impact by integrating SAFs into its fuel supply chain.

Askari Airline is actively involved in carbon offsetting programs to reduce its environmental effect, in addition to cutting emissions from its operations. The airline supports green energy, reforestation, and sustainable development through its agreements with credible carbon offset groups. Carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability are attainable goals for Askari Airline thanks to these initiatives, which will offset the airline’s carbon emissions.

Askari Airline prioritizes recycling and waste management as part of its sustainability initiatives. In an effort to reduce trash production and encourage proper disposal, the airline has established extensive recycling programs. It does this by reducing waste in its facilities and operations on the ground and by sorting and recycling materials like paper, plastic, and aluminum while in flight.

Askari Airline is dedicated to sustainability and actively works to educate its staff, passengers, and local communities about environmental issues. They also engage in community engagement to encourage sustainable practices. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to plan outreach programs, educational seminars, and green events to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire people to act sustainably.

Askari Airline acknowledges that sustainability is a continual journey that necessitates innovation and continuous development. Therefore, the airline is still dedicated to finding new ways to improve its environmental performance and reach its sustainability targets through the use of innovative tactics, partnerships, and technology. By partnering with stakeholders, investing in renewable energy solutions, and launching carbon offsetting projects, Askari Airline is committed to making a difference and paving the road for a more environmentally friendly aviation industry.

Finally, Askari Airline’s GoGreen program shows how seriously the company takes sustainability and environmental protection. Askari Airline has shown its dedication to creating a positive influence on the environment and contributing to a more sustainable future for air travel by implementing a wide range of steps to cut emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and connect with stakeholders.

We can all do our part as customers, workers, and business associates to back Askari Airline’s sustainability initiatives and make the aviation sector a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place to travel.

However, further information regarding the two airlines have not been revealed yet. As any of the information will be disclosed by the authorities, Beam.pk will let its readers know about it. For further queries leave a comment below and keep visiting Beam.pk 🙂

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