Government Employee Salaries increased (Announced by Government)


Government Announced to salaries increased for Government Employees by 10-15%

Government employee Pensions and salaries increased announced by the government from 15-20%. It is expected that this proposal will be applied to the budget of 2018-2019. The news will be announced on 26 April. The Employees will include Public, Army and Civil government employees.

The government of Pakistan decided to increase the salaries of government employees by 15 to 20%. The increment will not only apply to the salaries but also to the pensions of the employees. By hearing this, the government employees become happy and waiting for this incredible salary increase. Some resources said that, As this is an election year, it is expected that Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will increase salaries in biggest ratio. But it’s not publically announced yet.

To whom this applied:

Government employee Pensions and salaries increased is applied to all civil and army employees salary will increase who are currently working. As well as the civil and army employee, who get retired are also given the increased pension in the coming years budget.

Why increase:

The value of the dollar has been increased from 106 to 117 rupees. It is expected that all the provincial government employees, provincial corporation employees, and general government employees have to face a serious crisis of dearth in coming days. To save them from this crisis, the government announced to increase the salary of employees makes their life easier.

When will it announced:

This notice will be announced in the press conference of economic survey 2017-2018. Some government resources said that it will be announced on 28th April 2018 by the Chairman FBR Muhammad Tariq Pasha, chief secretary of finance, Rana Afzal Khan, Haroon Akhtar Khan and Arif Khan.

There is a strong hope that the salary will be increased by the 15-20%. But some resources said that this is the election month so it’s expected that the PM will give surprise to the employees by giving more salary increase. at the start of April month, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi announced to decrees the ration of taxes in the income of government employees. But we have to wait until its publically announced by the government and when this took place.

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