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Best Geo TV Dramas List All the Time – Top 7 Best Drama Serials

Geo TV is an entertainment channel named as har pal geo and sloganed as Har Pal Hassen hai Har Pal Geo. Geo has always provided us with great emotional, entertaining and romantic drama list. Today, I am gonna Tell you to top best Geo TV Dramas list.

Top 7 Best Geo TV Drama List:

Here is the list of top best Geo TV Dramas who are all-time favorites. Let’s have a look.


Khaani is a famous drama serial who is getting top ranking nowadays and currently playing. The story of this drama serial revolves around a beautiful girl Sana Javed (Khaani) and Feroz Khan (Meer Khadi). Their love story gets in trouble because Meer Khadi is the killer of her brother. Drama is full of emotions, love, power and of course the strength of Khanni.


2. Khuda Aur Muhabbat:

Geo TV has launched two seasons of this drama serial Season 1and season 2. And surprisingly both season proved blockbusters. The drama is based on the pure love story of Sadia Khan and Imran Abbas, Kubra Khan and many others. The ost, story, acing and dialogues make this drama serial more worthy.


3. Khali Haath:

Khali Haath got incredible fame with unique story and beautiful cast. The main cast includes Aiman Khan, Shehzad Sheikh, Kiran and Ali Abbas. The story revolves around the cute love story of Shehzad and AIman.


4. Meri Zaat Zar-e-Benishan:

Indeed the biggest blockbuster drama serial of Pakistan history is Meri Zaat Zar-e-Benishan. The drama is written by a writer Umaira Ahmed and produced by Abdullah Qadwani and Humayun Saeed. Characters include Sarwat Gillani, Imran Abbas, Faisal Qureshi and Samiya Mumtaz.


5. Bashir Momin:

Bashir Momin is a famous drama serial of 2012, whose story revolves around a love story of Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah. The drama is based on the power of Faisal Qureshi and how he uses his power to get anything in his life. But the story has a great turning point at the end.

6. Mannat:

Mannat is the great Pakistani drama serial whose story is based on a middle-class girl Rabab Hashim who sold by her uncle to a renowned family and got married to Sami Khan.


7. Khan:

Khan is a drama serial based on the power of homicidal kingmaker, Nauman Ijaz. He has a strong influence on government decisions. The lead roles are Nauman Ijaz, Shaista Lodhi, Atiqa Odho, Samina Pirzada and Ali Kashim.

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