Ertugrul Ghazi Star Halima Sultan is Ready To Appear in Jazz TVC


After becoming a brand ambassador for Qmobile’s upcoming VIEW Max Pro phone, it seems like Esra Bilgiç aka Pakistan’s darling Halima Sultan of Ertugrul Ghazi is going to make a bigger move into the Pakistani media. It all began with a cryptic tweet made by Miss Esra and that started a little spark that soon turned into a fire among her fans in Pakistan.

Her popularity seems to be increasing by the day and it does not look like it will stop or slow down anytime soon. More and more brands are now trying to capture the attention of the Turkish actress and want her to be a part of their team. First it was Qmobile and now it appears that Jazz has some big plans with the Turkish actress.

Halima Sultan’s Possible Collaboration with Jazz

While nothing is made clear at the moment, it looks like she is gearing up to appear in a Jazz TVC. The hype about a new Pakistani collaboration was ignited when Esra Bilgiç aka Halima Sultan posted a cryptic tweet on her official page. She took to Twitter and posted, “I’ve found my no.1 in Pakistan” and Pakistani’s were overjoyed.

There were hilarious comebacks and subtweets by Pakistani public and celebrities alike, but there is no denying that people were very excited about the news. However, new rumors sparked when Jazz made a cryptic announcement on their social media pages.

They posted, “Looks like we found our No.1 too!” with a picture of a woman looking very similar to Esra Bilgiç aka Halima Sultan. A black-haired beauty can be seen twirling and swirling a red see-through cloth in the air.

A few minutes ago, she made another tweet which says, “I think it’s time to tell the world,” which confirms the collaboration.

Now it is all a matter of time before Jazz makes the big announcement. Either she will be the new face of Jazz promotions or Jazz is launching something big with Esra Bilgiç aka Halima Sultan by their sides. Only time will tell what this development will be like.

Stay tuned for an update!

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