Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman to Perform Together in Upcoming Film

Hareem & Ali Rehman Again Together in Pakistani Film…!!!

The entertainment industry of any country is most important thing for that country. In this regard, Pakistan Film Industry is not behind from anyone. This industry is making many excellent projects for its viewers and audience. The actors and actresses are also so talented and skilled in their profession. Here I am going to tell you about the two finest actors of Pakistan entertainment industry as Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman. Both would be seen in a new Pakistani Film. In the upcoming Pakistani Film Hareem would play the role of a girl named Heer and Ali Rehman would play the role of a boy named Kabir. Both actors would show in the previous Pakistani Film Parchi and now they are again together. The new Pakistani Film is Imran Raza Kazmi’s new venture in which Hareem and Ali Rehman would play the lead roles. Heer would perform the role of a textile designer with lot of qualities, on the other hand Kabir would be an architect with big aims and ambitions. No more details have been revealed by this Film, but we are excited and waiting for this film.

Pakistani Film

Upcoming Pakistani Film 

Here is the big news for those who want to see Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman together on screen. Last time, both worked in Parchi film and now would show again in the upcoming Pakistani Film in their excellent roles. Hareem’s name in the upcoming Film would be Heer while Ali Rehman’s named Kabir. In the upcoming film of Imran Raza Kazmi’s you would see Hareem and Ali as the two main roles of this film.

Bilal Lashari’s film The Legend of Maula Jatt has also under process, its trailer has been released that is liked not only in Pakistan but also by the Hollywood actors and producers.

Heer’s Role

Harem will perform the role of a girl named Heer in upcoming Pakistani Film. She is a textile designer with full of life, very energetic and lively. Heer is also creates fun, yet naughty and innocence. She want to dreams about making her family proud and she is the only one in a Punjabi household who reached to graduation.

Kabir’s Role

Ali Rehman would perform the role of a boy named Kabir. He would be an architect with big aims and ambitions in his life.

These details are unveiled yet and we can imagine it would really an interesting Film of this year. We are waiting for its official release and to see the real fun, ambition and somehow romance by the actors.

Pakistani Film

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