Huawei Avatr E12 Sedan Added to All Electric Vehicle Lineup


Things in the electric vehicle market are heating up, thanks to Huawei Avatr E12. The sedan is expected to be the next vehicle added to the already famous vehicles by Avtar. The brand already has an all-electric SUV named Avatr 11 that they sell from their own showrooms in China, but they are planning on going global very soon.

The world got wind of the electric sedan thanks to some spy shots. The vehicle was out and about for on-road tests in China when the pictures were taken. The vehicle was heavily under camouflage, but some of its features can be made out pretty clearly.

Huawei Avatr E12

Here is everything you need to know about the Huawei Avatr E12 and what you can expect from it.

What is Avatr?

Huawei, the electronics giant, has significant involvement in Avatr, another brand of electric cars. Avatr has an intriguing past, having been established in 2018 by Nio and Changan, but Nio’s ownership stake was diminished over time, leading to their eventual withdrawal.

CATL has since taken Nio’s place, currently owning just over 17% of the company, while Changan still holds nearly 41%. Despite not having any official shares in Avatr, Huawei is a crucial component of the brand, providing a full platform for the company’s vehicles and being recognized as an integral part of the Avatr brand. To date, Avatr has only released one model – an electric SUV known as the Avatr 11 – which is sold exclusively through Huawei’s own showrooms.

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Everything We Know About Huawei Avatr E12

Huawei Avatr E12 is expected to be a high-performing electric vehicle sedan. The Avatr 11 will be equipped with two electric motors that collectively produce 578 horsepower. The vehicle will offer customers a choice between two battery options supplied by CATL: a 90kWh or 116kWh battery. It is not surprising that the Avatr 11 will run on Huawei’s Harmony OS and will make full use of the cutting-edge EP1 platform.

It is possible to speculate about the anticipated driving range of the Avatr E12, with indications that it will surpass its SUV counterpart. The Avatr 11’s SUV version, which features the same battery packs as the Avatr E12, can offer a CLTC range of 555km with the smaller battery and up to 680km with the more significant option. Given the Avatr E12’s sleeker, more aerodynamic design, it is expected to exceed these figures.

Huawei Avatr E12

The Huawei Avatr E12 is currently undergoing extensive testing and has been spotted in various locations throughout China. Photographers were even able to capture images of the interior. Notably, the sedan features the same design elements as the Avatr 11, including similar lines, the same steering wheel, and a large central screen.

Avatr is set to officially unveil the pre-production version of the Avatr 12 at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show next month, with deliveries slated to begin later this year. One can only hope that the sedan version will perform better in terms of sales than its predecessor.

Despite the most expensive version of the Avatr 11 retailing for only RMB 409,900 (equivalent to $58,800), the model has only managed to sell 3,442 units since its release in December of last year.

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