WBM International Online Shopping in Pakistan ensures Quality with Passion with 1000+ Products under One Roof

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The Year 2022: WBMWorld Business Management launched its 1000+ products covering all segments. For almost forty years, the brand is devoted to providing the Finest, most Effective, Efficient, and Innovative Products. WBM leaps forward as the World’s Largest Group of Trusted and Certified Brands.

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The brand started from Mining, Producing, Exporting, Selling, and Distributing Himalayan Pink Salt Products worldwide. WBM evolved from Salt Business to an Umbrella of Top Selling Brands and Products. A brand devoted to cultivating Collectivization and Product Diversification. Along with Innovation and the Internationalization by their Top Quality Products. The merchandise is available with a huge variety in each category. From Health Care, Food, Beauty, Décor, Smart and Household Appliances to meet all Consumer Needs.

“WBM is enthusiastic about Innovation, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction. We aim to provide the most Innovative Solution to the consumers. Willing to take the next steps for transforming the entire shopping experience.Providing the most efficient All-Rounder one-stop Solution to our consumers. With Ease, comes Comfort and Satisfaction. That’s exactly what we want our customers to experience.” -CEO WBM

Innovative and Self-Sufficient Solutions

Innovative and Self-Sufficient Solutions from each phase of Consumer’s life under one Umbrella! The brand aims to provide Top-Quality Products to the purchaser. As a way to create Easier Healthier Lifestyle. With Pure, Wholesome, and Premium Quality Products. Offering Dynamic, Optimized, Innovative, and Self-Sufficient Solutions.Incorporating innovation with most efficiency in all products.In the end, enhancing the lives of Individuals and Communities.Standing with a combined ambition to use all the available sources.For a WIN-TO-WIN situation for the Society, Individuals, the Economy, and the Environment.

A Wide Range of Trusted and Certified Brands

  • Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping in Pakistan
  • WBM Smart home automation Complete Smart Living Solutions Using AI+IOT 
  • Retail Solution
  • WBM Care
  • WBM Home
  • Passion 84
  • Natural Solution
  • Salt 84
  • Himalayan Glow
  • W Beauty
  • WBM Personal Care
  • WBM Baby Care
  • WBM Shoe Care
  • Speed
  • Accord

(and the list goes on with 100+ brands)

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Operating in 100+ Countries Worldwide

WBM Group turns out to be one Large Cross-Regional and Cross-Industry Investment Enterprise. Which covers Scientific Research, Production, Marketing, Sales, and Investment. With a massive Global Footprint. Having Manufacturing Units running in five distinct Continents and 100+ Countries. With over 14 Manufacturing Units and Distribution locations Worldwide.

“With the biggest crew of enthusiastic Business Planners, Developers, and Creative Team professionals. All devoted to serving one common motive-provide Quality with Passion. We have operating units in all major countries worldwide. With a huge customer base globally, our team works to provide the Best Quality Products. We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction. With 100% Money-Back Guarantee.” -General Manager WBM

Biggest Customer Trusted Company

World’s biggest Customer Trusted Company with 1000+ personnel.With knowledge in distinct segments.Bringing their expertise to existence via their Work, Passion, and Dedication. The brand develops an environment surrounded by Inspiring Leaders and Supportive Co-Workers. Building a progressive learning environment that enables them to channel their energies. To deliver Fresh Innovative Ideas to the table.Engaging for the betterment of the whole of Humanity.

Credentials and Achievements

  • Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Himalayan Salt Products globally.
  • All Products are Internationally Certified.
  • Worked with all predominant International Marketplaces of the World.
  • The Largest Salt Miner in Pakistan.
  • The Number 1 Distributor and Importer in Pakistan.
  • The Number 1 Lighting Products Producer in USA and Pakistan.
  • The first company of Pink Salt to apply ISO: 9001-2000, ISO: 14001-2004, C-TPAR, HACCP. Including a chain of important certifications of Salt Lamp like ETL/UL.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt judged Number 1 Tasting Salt of the World.
  • Operating in the USA, UK, China, Pakistan, Europe, Mexico, and the Asia Pacific. And lots of different areas worldwide.

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Highest Number of International Certifications

“Every product from each category is internationally certified. Our quality control experts make sure we meet all international set Quality Standards. We never compromise on the quality of the product. All products have the highest level of International certifications of their respective category. Certifications are the main qualifying benchmark of every product. Our brand makes sure to provide the top-qualified product of every category.”

-HumairaShafique Head Quality Management Team

Major Certifications of the Brand

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • FDA
  • Recyclable
  • Green
  • Organic & Natural
  • Also UL, EPA, PSQCA, ISO 17025, ISO 9001, BRC, ES, RoHS.

Commitment to Environment Protection

The company aims to work on the Zero Emission Formula. Supplying the Best Quality Products via Innovation. WBM is here with the main purpose to lessen the carbon footprint of their products. With High-Tech Innovative Machinery and shifting towards Renewable Electric Resources.To reduce the consumption of electricity and time.

Farm & Factory Direct

Operating with providers and suppliers with the “Farm & Factory Direct” method.To introduce premium-grade Reusable Packaging.Utilizing each workable possibility in lowering climate impact. Working with Innovation to lessen the effect and enhance the health of the planet. Collaborating with farmers, providers, and larger communities to supply the Best Quality products.Ensuring the least Carbon Emission to provide the Best Quality Products. With the Best Possible Price and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


“We need to start giving importance to this climate issue. It’s about time food companies and the entire food sector start working for the greater good. It’s a matter of future sustainability for our future generations. We want to make a difference; we want to engage as many people as we can in this initiative. As it’s always together that we can start a wave of change.”

-Managing Head WBM Foundation

WBM Foundation Working for a Greater Cause

WBM Foundation is a Non-Profit organization. Operating with an important motive of Environmental Sustainability.Working for developing better, innovative, resilient, harmonious, wholesome, and sustainable ways.To encourage zero-pollution and wholesome surroundings for future generations.Works with progressive solutions through teaching the people about Environmental Change. Initiating national plantation campaigns and have already planted about 10 Million Trees nationwide.

WBM Foundation.jpg

WIN-WIN Economic Cooperation

The brand is expanding its cooperation to encourage a Win-Win Central Economic situation. Covering all Major Segments including,

• Financial Partnering and Arrangements

• Research and Development

• Industrial Product Design and Prototype

• Manufacturing & Finished Product

• Cost Management

• Product Certifications & Documentation

• Packaging Design & Description

• Production Arrangements

• Branding

• Market Analysis

• Sales Forecast and Analytical Tools

• Shipping & Warehousing Logistics

• Accounting Systems

• Quality Control

• E-Commerce &IT Solution Software and Data Technology

• Sales Channel (B2B & B2C)

• Insurance & Legal Matters

• Marketing Strategies

• Customer Service

• Public Relations

• Public Stock Trading

Striving for Future Innovation

WBM International is here with future innovation, a future idea, and a future solution. The brand wants to make shopping super-convenient for its customers. With most precision and the latest innovation by launching a huge range of 1000+ products.Covering every segment of life with 100% customer satisfaction.Introducing a revolutionary idea of modern shopping.For today’s generation and generations to come.

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