Huawei to Beta Launch New Harmony OS in December


Huawei Harmony OS is not that far away. With the change in US Presidency, Huawei is fully aware that Google Services are not something they should rely on or hope to get back. Which is the reason why Huawei is forever focusing on bettering their own technology and making sure they have something better to offer to their customers.

In an effort to do just that, Huawei is working tirelessly to master their own OS. The President of the Software Department of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, Wang Chenglu announced that they will make their Harmony OS available to developers soon.

New Update Regarding Harmony OS

According to Mr. Chenglu, the operating system will be available as an open-source platform to the developers on December 18th and after that its first demo units will be running the Harmony OS by January or February of 2021.

According to Wang Chenglu, Huawei is working tirelessly to building their own independent ecosystem around the Harmony OS. They are positive that everything is going according to plan and are expecting the first round of initial reports to get back to them by the end of first quarter of 2021. The public should be able to experience the beta version of Harmony OS by April 2021.


By that time, Huawei and its executives are positive that almost 90% of their smartphones will be ready for an update, which is a huge feat. Once there is an update ready, their consumers will be ready to experience the new operating system very soon.

There is a little chance that the USA will soften its stance on the Chinese tech giant and allow Google to openly work with Huawei professionally. However, Huawei is not sitting back relying on Google or the USA. They are ready for a shift in the smartphone world and break Google’s monopoly in the operating system market.

It wouldn’t be too far now that we finally have three major players in the operating system field. Huawei is ready to claim a place beside Google and Apple. Let’s see if the Harmony OS is a hit or not.

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