RFID Number Plates Introduced In Islamabad

Islamabad is introducing RFID (Radio frequency identification) plates for vehicles. This will allow the authorities to meet global standards, make traffic regulations and check auto crimes.

A meeting was set to be discussed where it finalized the RFID project in the federal capital. The agreement was between Islamabad excise department and Islamabad safe city. The decision was later sent to the interior ministry for approval..

The main reason behind this project is to counter terrorism activities. The iniiative will also serve to upgrade vehicle registration to international standard. This will also help authorities catch fine defaulters to increase revenue collection.

According to the excise department, the step taken towards RFID after it was found that introducing uniform registration plates all over the country was impossible due to many hurdles. Firstly, the 18th Amendment, which states that federal government cannot intervene in the activities of provincial excise department. As this is an amendment to the constitution itself and nothing can be done about this. That’why the decision of interior ministry and Islamabad excise department came to this decision.

At the provincial level the excise departments have agreements with manufacturers for registration plates making it impossible to cancel them.

Director Bilal Azam, excise department told, the RFID will serve as a third registration plate and placed on the front windscreen of the vehicles. The RFID will store information of the vehicles such as owner name, details of registration and token tax information. A central database is working on that and centralize the data in one place. Making it fairly easy for other authorities to access.

CCTV cameras can easily read these RFID number plates, all of this is part of the safe city project. This allows the authority to track down stolen vehicles and catch culprits using these vehicles for illegal purpose.

RFID plates also contain anti tampering features so that people can not remove or replace it.

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