Local Companies Assembling Electric Motorcycles In Punjab

In Sahiwal city of Punjab, two motor bike assemblers start working together to manufacture Electric motorcycle in Pakistan.

As the prices of petrol is continuously increasing in the country and the inflation is rising day by day so it has become very difficult for motorbike riders to afford petrol especially who belong to lower or middle class. Now it is a time for Pakistan to shift to electric vehicles from fuel

Many companies have also introduced electric motorbikes in Pakistan in the last some years but they all fail and could not win public attention due to some reasons. The main reason was that they were expensive and no one can buy it.

Usman sheikh, CEO of motor bike company, that they are manufacturing electric bike having friendly budget. Further they said,they are first assemblers of electric bikes in Pakistan and designed them locally. They named bike “Jaguar”.

These bikes are similar as ordinary bikes having same size, shape and design but the only difference is that ordinary bike run with petrol but these bikes are run with electric batteries. Manufacturers not change their engine and body parts as they are already equipped with available technology of Japanese in the market.

Usman Sheikh further said that his company take help from existing normal bikes and locally developing an electric battery system. We have also designed and assembled other devices like controllers, chargers, motors, battery management systems, and battery packs.

The electric motorbike has a speed of 70 km and chargeable time is 5 hours. The current price of this bike is Rs 88,000 but company CEO will try to decrease the price.

Even gasoline Japanese bikes can also use these electric kit. The kit is available on easy installments, Rs. 5500 per month, for normal bikes.

Chaudary Zahid, chairman of MS Group said, gave away the benefits of electric bike. A normal bike that averages 50km the expenses would be near 4000Rs monthly, the electric motorcycle will be only Rs500.

Beside these information, some questions are still in the mind of peoples like how much electricity it will use in one charge? how much path it will cover on one charge? how much time battery can take to charge and the cost of replacement of battery?

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