Protect iPhone’s Glass from Breaking through Smart Shock Absorbers Technology

Protect Your iPhone from Accidentally Smashing (Smart Shock Absorbers Technology)

Apple Company is considered the best company which is facilitating with best products to its users of all time. It provides smartphones, laptops, pcs, tablets, watches etc. and much more. Now Apple bring a new technology by which you can protect your smartphone from breaking after falling on the floor. This new technology will protect your smartphone’s glass from breaking. The new technology is Smart Shock Absorbers Technology that would be implemented in IPhones from next year.

All about Apple’s New Technology

It is a severe problem to everyone that by mistakenly our smartphone slipped from our hands and fall on the floor. It causes much as it breaks the smartphone’s glass or causes many other problems. But now you don’t need to worry about this problem. Apple is going to make the part of a unique technology in its smartphones. That technology would be protect it from breaking the device.

Smart Shock Absorbers Technology

Apple's Smart Shock Absorbers Technology

The Smart Shock Absorbers Technology would be implemented in IPhones from next year. So it will protect the screen from breaking if you have not apply any case on your mobile’s screen. These Shock Absorber are designed as when your mobile phone is falling then before falling on floor the Shock Absorbers will came out like spring that are placed on side of the IPhone and save your phone from any damage.

US Patent and Trademark

The information about this technology of Apple Company came to know from submitted Patent in US Patent and Trademark. According to patent there are Motion Sensors would be used inside the smartphone to detect when it has been dropped and begin preparing for an impact.

Usage of Proximity Sensors

The Proximity Sensors would also be used outside to identify the potential impact surface on smartphones. These sensors will pass its data to processor and processor will analysis very quickly that which part of smartphone is going to fall on earth. After knowing the part which is going to fall on earth the Shock Absorber will came out like a spring for protecting the effected side of smartphone. According to Apple this new Smart Shock Absorbers Technology would be implemented in Mobiles, Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and other Electronic Devices.

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