Jazz 4G LTE Packages To Enjoy All Year Long

Much like their all-rounded Jazz Call Packages, the Jazz 4G LTE Packages are offering bucketful of internet at the best rates. The Jazz customers have a wide variety to choose from that allows them to switch up and experience different packages in affordable rates.

If you are new to Jazz or you have yet to experience their 4G LTE internet, the below mentioned packages are the best. Take a look!

Prepaid Jazz 4G LTE Packages

One-Hour Jazz 4G LTE Packages

Super Ghanta Offer

Internet: Unlimited​ DATA (For 1 Hour)

Price: Rs. 6

Subscribe: Dial *638#

Daily Jazz 4G LTE Packages

Daily Peak Off-Peak

Internet: 100 MB (24 Hours), 1.1 GB in Off Peak (2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.24

Subscribe: Dial 1174#

Daily Browser

Internet: 50 MB

Price: Rs.11.95

Subscribe: Dial 11711#

Weekly Jazz 4G LTE Packages

Weekly Social

​Internet: 5 GB for IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook

Price: Rs.70

Subscribe: Dial *660#

Weekly Youtube Offer

Internet: 5 GB

Price: Rs. 80

Subscribe: Dial *570#

Weekly Premium

Internet: 3 GB

Price: Rs.147

Subscribe: Dial 11747#

Weekly Mega

Internet: 7 GB

Price: Rs.200

Subscribe: Dial *159#

Weekly Mega Plus

Internet: 20 GB (10 GB from 2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.250

Subscribe: Dial *453#

Weekly Streamer

Internet: 1 GB

Price: Rs.95

Subscribe: Dial 1177#

Monthly Jazz 4G LTE Packages

Monthly Browser

Internet: 4 GB (2 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.215

Subscribe: Dial 11777#

Monthly Mega

Internet: 8 GB (4 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.375

Internet: Dial 11731#

Monthly Mega Plus

Internet: 12 GB (6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.300

Subscribe: Dial 11730#

Monthly Supreme

Internet: 20 GB (10 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.444

Subscribe: Dial 11732#

Daily Social

Internet: 500 MB (Facebook & WhatsApp)

Price: Rs.7

Subscribe: Dial 1145#

Daily Social Recursive

Internet: 200 MB (Facebook & Whatsapp)

Price: Rs.5.98

Subscribe: Dial *455#

Postpaid Jazz 4G LTE Packages

Monthly Streamer          

Internet: 2 GB

Price: Rs.250

Monthly WhatsApp

Internet: 5 GB

Price: Rs.75

Monthly Premium

Internet: 5 GB

Price: Rs.500

Monthly Supreme

Internet: 14 GB

Price: Rs.800

Monthly Super 

Internet:24 GB

Price: Rs.1,020

Monthly Ultimate

Internet: 50 GB

Price: Rs.1,870

These are all of the Jazz 4G LTE Packages that you can subscribe to. Make sure you go through each of them and decide which of them is the best for you. Try to think about the internet you will need in a week or in a month and choose wisely.

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
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