Jazz DoubleUp Number – Get two Numbers on One Jazz Sim


Jazz DoubleUp Number – Subscription, Charges, Blocking, Making and Receiving Call and SMS

Having dual mobile and dual sim mobile is now getting old now. Be a machine of efficiency while having a double number on a single sim card. Almost all the telecom companies in Pakistan have offered this service just by dialing a single code. Jazz has also introduced this feature named jazz DoubleUp number.Jazz DoubleUp Number, Jazz DoubleUp Number – Get two Numbers on One Jazz Sim

Jazz DoubleUp Number:

The complete detail of Jazz DoubleUp Number including subscription code, charges, and features have been mentioned.


If you are a Jazz user and want to double up the number on a single sim, then it’s possible now.

Subscription Code: Simply dial 4030 and then press 1.

Un-subscription Code: Simply dial 4030 and then press 0.


You have to pay charges on daily basis and on every activity. Although the charges are low and can facilitate you by activating two numbers on a single sim.

Subscription charges: 1.43 PKR per Day.

SMS Charges: 0.60 PKR per SMS.

Call Charges: 0.60 PKR per Min.

Prefix SMS Charges: Free.

Prefix Call Charges: 0.72 PKR per 30 sec Call.

Terms and Conditions:

Before you subscribe for this offer, you must read the terms and conditions so that all confusions can be avoided.

  • All the charges mentioned are inclusive of tax.
  • This offer is only valid for the prepaid customer and the postpaid customer cannot apply for this post.
  • For Sindh, the sales tax is 19% and for other regions, it is 14%.

How to Make and Receive SMS/Call:

If you want to make a call or to send SMS, you have to dial 88 before the number. For example;

03xxxxxxxxx is a number and you have to dial like this 88 03xxxxxxxxx

The person will see your number and can attend the call. Moreover, if you want to receive the call, the called person does not have to add 88 before it, they can call by dialing the number normally.

Schedule Double Up Number:

If you do not want to use both numbers, then you can schedule your double numbers. For this, you can log-off or log-on your numbers just by dialing a code.

Dial 4030 and select 1 for log-of or log-in

This can be used for the call and SMS scheduling (Log-off and log-on).

Block Number form 1 Sim:

This feature will allow you to control the numbers who can call on your double number. You have to subscribe for this feature;

Dial 5929 or Send an SMS by writing “sub” on 5929

Once you have subscribed, you can block the number by dialing “1” and unblock by dialing “2”.

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