Jazz Balance Save Code 2024|Doosra Balance, Jazz World App & Code

Have you ever called Jazz Helpline to know why your balance is debited every now and then? Jazz Balance Save Code is the recently originated service that let you save your balance that you don’t need at the moment.

This service came into being for the first time in Pakistan by the Mobilink Jazz. It is one of the crucial offers for those who often complain about their balance deduction.

If you have a 4G network and looking for a perfect offer in order to save your balance for important use, you are in the right place. In case, you are not familiar with the term Balance Save code, let’s put a light on it first.


What is Balance Save Code

If you are one of those who make a fuss whenever your balance get discounted without any reason after every internet package, you can avail of this offer in order to save extra balance in your mobile. So that, whenever you need a balance, you can unsaved it without recharging.

Many networks are giving this facility to their customers including JAZZ users. There is a simple process involved to avail this offer. Let’s figure out how to do it.

Jazz Balance Save Code

  • Enter the code *275# in order to activate the offer
  • Once you have entered, you will get the message of subscription
  • Furthermore, you will not be charged for this offer as it is free
  • In order to unsubscribe this offer, you can dial *275*4#

Now you are all done to save your balance from unnecessary deduction.

Other Method / JAZZ Doosra Service

Interestingly, JAZZ is offering 2 methods to let you save your balance. The other method is known as Doosra Balance Service. With this service, another account will be created on your sim and your balance will be transferred to that SIM.

It is how you can save your balance in another account easily.

It is not necessary to transfer the entire balance in a go. You can transfer in pieces too depending upon your requirement. However, the only drawback is this offer is not free as you will be charged on each transfer. Still if you want to avail of this offer, here are the few steps:

  • Dial *869# in order to activate this offer
  • You will receive subscription message on your mobile
  • On each transfer, you have to pay 1 + tax.
  • If you want to unsubscribe the offer, dial *869*3#

How To Withdraw Balance

In case, you want your balance back urgently, you can simply dial the code again and balance will be transferred on your account within no time.

  • Dial *869# from your mobile
  • You will be given various options among which choose 2 option
  • You will be given your balance back

In case, you want to deactivate this offer, dial *869# and go for 3 option. These were the few simple steps involved in this procedure. It is how you can save your balance so that you can use it whenever needed.

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