A 9-Year-Old Kashmiri Boy Invented a Counting Pen | Track written words

Counting Pen invented to Track Written Words by a Kashmiri Boy

Who says that age has an effect on the ability and innovation. In Past, the kids were not involved in any invention. Kids are not wise as it is a traditional saying. But a 9-Year-old Kashmiri Boy named Muzaffar Ahmed Khan proved it wrong. He invented the Counting Pen, capable of tracking all the written words.

Muzzafar Ahmed Khan is a third-standard student life in Kashmir, Srinagar. He is living in the small areas of Srinagar, named Gurez Valley. Muzzafar is the youngest scientist to invent a word counting pen. Even in the stressful conditions in the Kashmir, his innovations remains alive. This young passionate kid turns his idea into reality and wins the hearts of many people.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt8RuSSMNoo]

Structure of the pen:

The pen is enclosed in a casing. When someone writes any word, the pen automatically counts the written words at the same time. The counted words are displayed on the tiny attached at the top of the Pen. Muzaffar also said that a message will be transferred to the mobile phone regarding the content and the word count. Indeed, this is a great invention of the decade which is totally unexpected by a 9 years old young boy.

Why he invents the Counting Pen:

In the last exam of Muzzafar, he achieves fewer marks because he did not achieve the written word task. He writes fewer words as required because he can not count the words. This inspires this young child to invent a pen which counts the words automatically in exams so that, he can achieve more marks in his coming exams. The idea struck in his mind for a long time and he was struggling hard to make a pen like this. With the support of his family, he finally able to invent such an amazing counting pen.

When it will launch:

The prototype of the Pen has already displayed in an exhibition. His design was showcased at the festival of the Innovation and entrepreneurship. This exhibition was launched under the supervision of the National Innovation Foundation (NIF). At the festival, this invention attracts a number of the customer. The president praised the boy and give his reward.

NIF promised to launch it commercially in the May 2018. Muzzafar Ahmed says that his pen will help the students in their writing tasks in their exams. There is a hope that this invention will break the market soon. We are anxiously waiting for the launch of the pen.

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