Kinza Hashmi | Biography, Age, Education, Family & more

Kinza Hashmi is a beautiful, glamorous, and talented actress and model. She is a young stunning actress who started her career as an actress in 2014. Within a very short time period, Kinza reached the heights of success. She did not belong to an artistic family still she managed to get extraordinary fame. Here are all the details regarding the Kinza Hashmi biography, Kinza Hashmi marriage, education, and family.

Kinza Hashmi Biography

Kinza Hashmi is an adorable and alluring actress with extraordinary skills. She appeared in enormous movies and TV dramas. At the very young age of 17 years, she started her career as an actress which lead her to reach the peak within no time. Her hard work paid off and she became the frontline actress.

Kinza Hashmi Date of Birth

The young sensational actress was born on March 7, 1997, in Lahore. However, currently, she is living in Karachi. Meanwhile, the age of the actress is 27 years old. Her sun sign is Pisces which says that she is emotionally sensitive, aware, sympathetic, creative, and kind.

Kinza Hashmi physical stats

The height of the actress measures 5 feet 6 inches. Kinza weighs about 52 kg. Hence, she holds 18.6 m/kg2 BMI which comes under the umbrella of average weight. Her healthy eating habits make her lead a healthy life

Kinza Hashmi Marriage

Kinza did not get married yet. The actress does not seem to date anyone yet. With her seamless beauty and glamorous personality, she wants to prosper in her field. That’s why she does not want to engage in any of these activities yet.

Kinza Hashmi source of income

The model earns money from various sources including brand promotion, acting, sponsorship, and modeling. Serials and dramas are an attractive source of income. The estimated earning of an actress each month is around $50K.

Kinza Hashmi Family

The social media posts of the actress show her strong affiliation with her mother. Her mother is the biggest support system to Kinza. Also, she is said to have an unbreakable bonding with Saba Faisal (a well-known legendary actress). Kinza is the only child of her parents, thus having no siblings.

Kinza Hashmi education

Being an enthusiast of studies, Kinza always did good in her academics. She recently completed her bachelors’ degree. But, her love for the drama and film industry makes her stick to the industry.

Kinza Hashmi Career

  • Officially, Kinza Hashmi started her career in 2014. She amazed viewers with her incredible acting skills at a very young age. Her phenomenal acting skills made her attract viewers towards herself. She appeared in a large number of dramas with many talented artists. Kinza performed both positive and negative roles in the plays.
  • Drama ‘Sangsar’ was the one which made her gain enormous popularity within very little time. Additionally, Ishq Tamasha also added in her fame. Moreover, she released a cover of the song ‘Sajna’ which made people love her exceptional voice. The news of her singing amazed people.
  • Her remarkable acting in ‘Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai’ makes people enjoy every bit of the serial. However, her negative character in ‘Mohlat’ made people hate her. Whereas her ‘Ishq Tamasha’ acting with Junaid Khan, Alizey Shah and Aiman Khan made people love her acting skills.
  • With passing time, she is winning the hearts of millions of viewers with her acting skills. Rumors are that Kinza is to appear in Pakistani movies soon.

Kinza Hashmi Awards

In 2018, she received a nomination for Best Negative Actor in Hum TV’s drama ‘Ishq Tamasha.’ Also, she was nominated for the Best Model- Pakistan International Screen Awards.

Kinza Hashmi Dramas

  • Sangsar
  • Milan
  • Raani
  • Faraib
  • Mann Chahi
  • Daldal
  • Tu Ishq Hai
  • Seerat
  • Meri Bahuwain
  • Sila Aur Jannat
  • Maikay ko De Do Sandes
  • Ishq Tamashi
  • Maria bint-e-Abdullah
  • Gul-o-Gulzar
  • Deewar-e-Shab
  • Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai
  • Mann chahi
  • Tishnagi dil ki
  • Hum usi kay hain
  • Mohlat
  • Tera yahan koi nahe
  • Haqeeqat


  • Rok sako to Rok Lo
  • Hona Tha Pyar

Social Media handles


Kinza has over 5.4 million followers on Instagram. So far, she has uploaded nearly 1400 pictures on the app. The average likes on her pictures are approximately 70K. Her tremendous acting skills and her charming personality made people follow her. She shares different dressing style pictures on her account.

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