Latest Smartphones Ranking in Pakistan with Highest Market Shares

To 5 Most Used and Sold Smartphones in Pakistan – Latest Smartphones Ranking 2018

Smartphones have become the core need in a current era of technology. The sale of the smartphone in Pakistani is also increasing day by day. Mostly, the youngsters are replacing their old hones to buy the latest smartphones. Moreover, the elder age people are also able to handle the operations of smartphones. By viewing the insight, the latest report shows the best smartphones ranking according to the sale in Pakistan.Smartphones Ranking

Smartphone Ranking in Pakistan:

According to the latest research, the smartphones ranking is based on the number of sales. Although some amazing smartphones such as iPhone and Xiaomi are not able to make their position in this list. There are some factors involved such as price, trust and customer base which cause such ups and downs in this ranking.Smartphones Ranking


Samsung is at a number on the spot as it is the most sold smartphone in Pakistan. Almost 35% of the smartphones purchased till the June were from Samsung and it has been decreased from the previous ranking. One main reason behind this is that it has the strong customer base who have trust in Samsung. They buy a Samsung smartphone due to its name only.Samsung Smartphones Ranking


The smartphone at number second is Huawei with 31% of the sale. It is noticeable that the sale of Huawei smartphones has been increased as compared to the previous ranking. At the start of this year, the sale percentage of this smartphone was 26% and now it has been increased which is a plus point.


The selfie smartphone, Oppo is at third place with a market share of 23%. The smartphone has reached this position due to the exceptional camera capability and generous storage. Moreover, the smartphone also has the reasonable prices. Before that, Oppo badly failed in Pakistan and then they come back with much more abilities and features. Now, they have become one of the market leaders.oppo Smartphones Ranking


If we want to see the example of a brand who falls from sky to earth, the Nokia is a perfect example. It has only 6% market shares in Pakistan excluding the buttoned Smartphones Ranking

5.Q Mobile:

No one can imagine how badly Q Mobile sale has been decreased in Pakistan. A few years ago, almost every person in Pakistan has Q Mobile as their favorite phone. But its market shares are decreased in a very bad way and now it has only 5% market shares in Pakistan.Q Mobile Smartphones Ranking

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