Lahore High Court Lifted Ban from Government Jobs and Transfers


LHC Lifted Ban from Government Jobs and Transfer in Today’s Hearing

Lahore High Court lifted Ban from government Jobs and Transfers. In today’s hearing, the LHC announced the decision in the favor of provisional and government authorities who submit the petition against this.

Last month Election Commission of Pakistan, imposes a ban on all government jobs and transfers. The ban was imposing on 11th May 2018. They do so to make the upcoming elections crystal clear. However, provincial and government institutes submit a petition against this decision last week. The federal and provincial authorities filed a writ in Lahore High Court last week. Today, they announced the decision of this hearing.

The chief justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar Sahib take sou moto notice on bans. The Supreme Court noticed the Lahore High Court to announce the result this week. So, in today’s hearing, they finally announce the result. They said as these jobs are advertised when there is a necessity of the person who can handle the government duties and delay in such recruitment can cause a damage to the country’s progress. So, LHC Lifted Ban from government Jobs and Transfers.

The lifting of Ban from following Posts:

  • School Educators 2017-2018
  • Transfers of Educators
  • Industrial and Development Projects
  • Any other vacancies/jobs banned by Election Commission of Pakistan

CJP investigate that, it’s the duty of Election commission Pakistan to make the elections clear. However, he announced that if any provincial or other institutes want to file a writ against this, then they are allowed to do so. The election commission of Pakistan first imposes a ban on government jobs that announced after 1st April 2018. Later, they also banned all kind of transfers and the jobs which were in progress. As they said; we have to do this because we need funding for the election which was intended to invest in the transfers and recruitment.

In this regards, many provincial authorities file a writ and today the decision makes them happy. The Lahore High Court lifted the ban from government jobs and transfers. There is no association between government jobs and government. Further, the people applied for the post are waiting for this recruitment and this can affect their life and future. People become happy after this decision. They give all credit to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar Sahib. He will be remembered in golden words forever.

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