Indian Singer Adnan Sami accused Kuwait of Calling Him Indian Dog

Famous Actor, Composer, and  Singer Adnan Sami Accused Kuwait of Calling Him Indian Dog

The Indian singer, Adnan Sami accused Kuwait of calling him Indian Dog. He visited Kuwait due to live performance. He also showed his angriness to Indian Embassy for not supporting and taking action against this. Then Indian Embassy assured him that they are investigating this and will take action against this.

Adnan Sami is a famous singer, musician, Pianist, actor and music composer. He was a citizen of Pakistan and then start living in India in 2001. After that, he quitted the citizenship of Pakistan permanently and in 2015 he becomes the permanent resident of India. He is really a controversial man between India and Pakistan. Certainly, Adnan Sami is a scandalous person having unsuccessful two married lives. adnan gives divorce to Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar and leaves the country forever.

A few days ago, Adnan Sami visited Kuwait for a live performance and Adnan Sami accused Kuwait. According to him, he alongside reached at the Kuwait airport the Kuwait citizens talk them arrogantly. Then, Kuwait airport immigration misbehaves and insulted his team and called them “Indian Dogs”. Immediately he rushed to his twitter account and posted angry words on it.

What he Posted:

Adnan Sami accused Kuwait when he was in the airport; “We came to your city with love. Our Indian associates embarrassed us with this. But you people don’t give us support. The Kuwait airport immigration mistreated and misbehave with my staff and called us “Indian Dogs”. When they were contacting us, they show nothing. How dare the Kuwaiti people can misbehave with us like this.”Adnan Sami accused Kuwait

But Indian embassy doesn’t even help him in this crises. After being disheartened, he tagged external affair manager, Sushma Swaraj, and Union Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh. He was very angry with the Indian Embassy for not supporting him and taking an action against Kuwait. He accused the Indian embassy of their silence and such immature behavior.

Later the External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj replied on his tweet as “Please Speak to me on Phone”. After that, the Minister of Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju replied in the tweet of Adnan Sami as “They will definitely help him because the most dynamic Sushma Swaraj is investigating the matter”. Adnan retweeted by Thanking both personalities for supporting him.

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