No Load Shedding During Eid Holidays in Pakistan | Power Division

The power division of Pakistan told that there will be no Load Shedding in Pakistan during Eid days across the country. They ensured the uninterrupted power supply during Eid days.

Senate Standing Committee on Power headed by Senator Fida Muhammad to take appropriate measures to avoid Load Shedding during the Eid holidays. This decision was done by seeing the current situation on power supply in the country.

Current Short Fall in Pakistan

The present short fall in the country is 4560 Megawatts in the first 10 days of June 2018 against demand of 23,301 MWs and generation of 18,742MW. Due to the high temperature in the country the shortfall which was 3,530MW in last month has been increased to 4560 MWs.

About Meeting, Chairman and Attenders

The meeting was held about no Load Shedding on Eid-ul-Fitr at Parliament House under Fida Muhammad the Chairman of Senator and attended by:

  • Senators Nauman Wazir Khattak
  • Sadia Abbasi
  • Muhammad Ali Saif
  • Maula Bakhsh Chandio
  • Aurangzeb Khan
  • Molvi Faiz Muhammad
  • Minister for Power Barrister Ali Zafar
  • Secretary Power Yousaf Khokhar
  • Joint Secretary Power Division
  • CEOs of DISCOs

All these members discussed in detail about the shortage of electricity and also discussed how to make a perfect plan to overcome this problem. A sub-committee was also made to look into the further matters related to load shedding by Senator Nauman Wazir. Maula Bakhsh Chandio and Aurangzeb Khan were members of this sub-committee.

Companies Losses during 2017-2018

In briefing about the transmission and distribution losses it was told that:

  1. The average losses in 2017-2018 were 17%
  2. PESCO at 36.6% losses (the highest percentage)
  3. SEPCO at 35.7% losses (on 2nd number)
  4. HESCO at 29.1% losses (on 3rd number)
  5. DISCO at 7.1% losses (the lowest percentage)

Recovery Percentage of Companies

The recovery percentage of DISCOs was also shared with the Committee as:

  • FESCO at 100% recovery (the highest recovery percentage)
  • LESCO at 98% recovery
  • GEPCO at 98% recovery
  • MEPCO at 98% recovery
  • IESCO at 90% recovery
  • PESCO at 90% recovery
  • QEPCO at 24% recovery (the lowest recovery percentage)

Good News about New Grid Stations

There are two new Grid Station are in construction as Chakdara Grid Station and Mardan-Chakdara Transmission line and Grid Station Batkhela and Feeder Lines. The Chakdara Grid Station and Mardan-Chakdara Transmission line has the capacity of 220KV and it will be expectedly completed on 15th July. The Grid Station Batkhela and feeder lines has up-gradation of 132KV and it will be expectedly completed on 31st August. These both Grid Stations will hopefully overcome highest level of Load Shedding in the country.

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