Pakistan has highest win percentage in T20 since 2016 | Full Details


Pakistan is considered the high win percentage winner since 2016

The critical conditions Pakistan is facing today, have snatched all the hopes, smiles and happiness on their faces. The only source of happiness for people is cricket. Pakistan is one of the most passionate countries for cricket. Ups and downs in the cricket rating are a natural thing. Being a consistent team to achieve many awards is a great achievement. With the blessing of Allah, our Pakistani team has higher win percentage T20 since 2016. This will help to build more record in Pakistani cricket.

The history of Pakistan’s T20 world cup is quite interesting. In 2009, Pakistan won the ICC world cup under the caption ship of Muhammad Younas(Legend). In, 2010, Pakistan reach in the semifinal of the world cup but lost the title of winner. T20 world cup 2012, 2014, 2015, Pakistan face defeat. The performance and internal circumstances caused Pakistan to defeat in all the 3 T20 world cups. Pakistani cricket fans get disappointed. After 2015 world cup, Pakistan again starts to prove themselves.

champions 2009

High Success rate World Record:

2016 was a great year for Pakistan. Pakistan Maintains its performance in T20, under the caption ship of great Sarfraz Ahmed (National Award Winner). Sarfraz becomes famous when Pakistan won the champion trophy against India (biggest achievement). Pakistani team has higher win percentage from 2016 to the current date. They played a lot of T20 matches against different teams and emerge on the top of the list. Pakistani fans become happy to see this. Many people say that this achievement is due to the Sarfraz Ahmed. He is considered a great team leader who always focus on teaching and guiding the juniors and fellows.

pakistan rating

Due to terrorism, many countries cricket team do not want to visit the Pakistan, which also discourages our team. Although Pakistan is a peaceful country, they provide tight security to the cricketers. West Indies visit Pakistan recently, which is a positive step towards the Pakistani cricket life. The complete list of the T20 matches is given below, which clearly shows that Pakistani team has higher win percentage against different teams. But one noticeable thing is that all of these matches are mostly played against West Indies almost 9/ 18. But with this stable position, Pakistan can beat any country.


There are a lot of circumstances such as team selection, internal conflicts, policies, which is harming the cricket of Pakistan. By overcoming these factors, Pakistan can become number one team not only in T20 matches but also in ODIs. May Pakistani cricket stepped towards success and become leader soon.

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