Imran Khan’s Government Working On Policy To Bring PayPal To Pakistan.

Government Working On Policy To Bring PayPal To Pakistan.

PayPal is the quick and safer way to send or receive money, make an online payment or set up a merchant account.

PayPal is a financial services company in US and online money transfer system. The government of Pakistan is likely to invite PayPal in Pakistan and also launching their services in the country.

In August 2019, Chief Executive Officer Yusuf Hussain, in briefing the senate standing committee on information technology and telecommunication requested that Imran Khan and Adviser on Finance should talk with the CEO of PayPal and give invitation to come to Pakistan.

The committee noticed that country is losing large amount of foreign exchange reserves and also hurting Pakistan’s freelance sector due to deficiency of online money transfer system.

Senator Faisal Javed assured the committee that the decision of bringing PayPal to Pakistan would be taken up with the Imran khan and adviser on finance.

Committee meetings that have done before revealed that PayPal is not coming to Pakistan because of no legal backing and money laundering incidents in the country.

According to new report, a parliamentary panel informed that the government would introduce PayPal and other online payment platforms in Pakistan.

Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology, Nasim Nawaz said, the policy related to PayPal is at the advanced stage and important development is to be expected in the upcoming two weeks.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed also raised question that why Pakistan has no access to Paypal they further said if country do not have these payment systems so they could not increase its economy. At the time, Nasim nawaz, the ministry of science and technology asked the standing committee to discuss the issues instead of making illegal appointments and promotions.

There are two main agenda item for the committee meeting related to illegal appointments and promotions in many departments of the ministry.

The secretary asked committee to avoid discussions related to these agenda in the meeting as there are relevant forums to take a look on these issues. He also said that there are some rules and regulations to deal with these cases. The senate dismissed his suggestion by saying that there were issues related to illegal appointments and promotions that have been not sought over past 17 years.

Ahmed, who chaired the meeting said, here we are not interested to discuss these problems however illegal activities in the ministry and complaints by the affected people forces us to take such matters.

Rector of Comsats University Dr Raheel Qamar pointed out to the committee that the absence of effective copyright laws was discouraging innovation in the country.

He further said that these successful researches do not give any advantage for the students and also for those who will invest their cost in these ventures. It is simple to get copyright of any product registered in the US as compared to getting it done in Pakistan.

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