Low-budget Sports Bikes in Pakistan

Let’s clarify one thing first. Low-budget in this means that you should have at least have around 4 to 5 lac rupees, while most of the cost around a million rupees. These figures might not sound “low-budget” really but the bikers out there know how expensive sports bikes really are. So here is a look at what you can buy for under 1 million rupees if you are interested in keeping a sports bike.

Benelli TNT25:

Most of us aren’t really aware of this company and the reason is that they just entered the market in 2016 and may take a little time to reach the top. Though this model is pretty famous among Pakistanis bikers already and they have rushed towards it. You can get it for PKR 455,000.

Honda CBR-150R:

Honda has introduced some great products time after time whether its bikes or cars and Honda CBR-150R is one of them. CBR-150R is believed to the best bike ever produced by Honda by many. You can get it for 660,000. This price is great considering its specs but there might be a reduction in price once they start manufacturing locally.

Suzuki Inazuma:

Suzuki is right on top in cars industry in Pakistan with the control over 50% of the market in Pakistan and they aren’t that far behind in bikes industry either. Suzuki Inazuma is pretty decent bike that whose fuel system is managed electronically making it kind of less, damaging to environment and also good to ride. Its factory price is 750,000 rupees.

Above mentioned were all new bikes if you are thinking of buying used ones, these might appeal you.

Yamaha YZF-R6 (2005):

It was firstly released in market in 1998 since then many newer versions have arrived. You can get YZF-R6 used one for around 1 million rupees.

And finally favorite of most Pakistanis Suzuki Hayabusa 2005 model and used one in good condition costs around 10 lac rupees. It might seem costly at first but just look at it, damn.

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