Man Filed Case against Son for Talking with Girls During Ramzan


Man Filed Case against Son – Who used to Talk with Girls During Ramzan

Man Filed Case against Son who used to talk with girls even in Ramzan. The Man named Haji Saqib reach the session court and request for FIR against his son. Man Filed Case against Son

Today, an unusual case happens in the Lahore session court. A man named Haji Saqib reached the courts and want to file a case against his son. Man Filed Case against Son who used to talk with girls on the mobile phone. His son is gossiping with girls for many months. He always disobeys his order and continues to talk with girls. He wants to place an FIR against his son because he disobeyed his orders. He doesn’t focus on his studies hence he is ruining his future.

Statements of Father:

He said; My son named Irfan talks to girls on the mobile phone in the night. Even in this holy month of Ramzan, he continues to gossip with girls. The father often advised him to not to do that but all in vain. I asked my son to avoid such bad habit and cut off him from social media activities. he always advises his son to focus on his studies.

Recently, my son was talking to a girl on phone at midnight. I asked my son to hand over his phone to me. But his son refused to give his mobile o his father. After that, my doubts stronger towards his bad habits. That’s why I decided to take him to the court. My son always disobeys my orders and do whatever he wants.

This man first goes to the Sharda Police station for filing an FIR against his son. But the police refused to write any FIR and sent him back to the home. Later on, he decided to knock the doors of courts for this silent violence. He filed a case in session court of Lahore today. He requested the court to allow the SHO of the police station to file an FIR against his son. After this, the court orders the SHO to collect the comments against this. The man requested to push his son behind the bars during the whole month of Ramzan. So that, he can never make such rubbish mistakes in future. He also requested the court to file an FIR against his son for not obeying his orders.

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