The Famous Run Mureed, Funny Call to PTCL for Internet Restoration

Another Video of Famous Comedian Run Mureed – Most Funny Video to PTCL

A man named as Run Mureed, whose video got viral from past few days. He again uploaded a video named PTCL Prank. He makes a fake call to the PTCL for internet restoration. The generous PTCL care center activates his internet due to the fake story told by him.

A few days ago, a man famous by his nickname Run Mureed, whose videos go viral on the internet. His previous video displays how he shows his love for his wife over his parents. Hence, he is given the name as #RunMureed. After his first viral video, he uploaded a second video in which he makes a prank on PTCL. He successfully becomes a YouTuber and he has 5,000+ subscribers on his channel. Indeed, this is the biggest achievement for him.

Run Mureed PTCL Prank:

Run Mureed make a fake call to the PTCL care center for internet restoration. He had not paid the bill of the internet for 3 months and his bill was approximately 10 thousand. When he called at the PTCL care center, the representative asked him to pay the previous bill first. After that, he makes a fake story of his uncle’s death.
He said his uncle has died in Germany and he has to see his face for last time. He constantly cries during the phone call and asks them to activate his internet connection. The care center representative tries to convince him to pay the bill first but all in vain. In the end, the generous and kind-hearted PTCL agent activate his internet for three days. And asked him to pay his previous bill as soon as possible. Even they make prayers for his uncle and show their grief for him.

The Reaction of People:

Some people enjoyed his new video and take it as an entertainment piece. They appreciate this act and give him the title of best entertainer. Run Mureed

While a group of people got angry by seeing this. They said that this person is making fool to Pakistan’s mostly used internet company. Next time, they will never consider such calls and they will never believe their customers. Some people really praise the kind act of PTCL customer care representative. They appreciate that the humanity is still alive in some people.Run Mureed

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