Margalla Hills National Park to have Pakistan’s first Asian leopard reserve


The climate change ministry of Pakistan has made an important announcement that was revealed by Malik Amin Aslam, a special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to the Assistant, Pakistan is going to have its first Asian Leopard in Margalla Hills National Park, and it surely is a piece of exciting news.

It is going to happen for the first time in the history of Pakistan, and special protection measures have already been taken to make the place completely safe and secure for the public. The park is situated in Islamabad Capital Territory and is a perfect viewpoint for families and the public.

first Asian leopard reserve

First Asian leopard reserve

The park where the first Asian leopard is going to reserve is one of the highly visit public places. It is one of the largest national parks across the globe that includes Margalla hills. The special assistant Malik Amin Aslam revealed to the media that it would be completely safe to visit the park as the preparations for security has already begun,

The Margalla Hill park is originated over Capital Development Authority and is entirely well-maintained and developed. Furthermore, it was the only place that also didn’t close for the public in Lockdown. People could visit the park anytime along with their families.

He also shed light on a few climate change issues by stating that approximately 14,000 scientists have functioned on the report. Guards will also be present to save human life from any unfortunate incident so the public can freely roam around.

Margalla Hills National Park

If we talk a bit about the park, it is home to 600 plant species, 38 mammals, 402 bird varieties, and 27 reptile species. A lot of struggle has been put down in order to make this plan successful. Each and every step is down with proper and well-informed guides to avoid any incident.

It all started when a few leopards were found at the start of 2021 roaming on the Margalla hills. The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board found no incident ever reported due to monkey population and wild bear. The park has an inevitably healthy eco-system due to the presence of 5 leopards.

The leopards are found at night because they sleep in the daytime. While trekking, if you ever come across any of the leopards, it is better to stay there instead of running because it is how you can save your life.

However, the work has already started with all the necessary and proper measures. It will take a little time to complete the work. The senior director of the World Wildlife Fund has also ensured to lend his services to this project. It is undoubtedly a wise idea to utilize zoo space.

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