Pakistan to Launch Universal Emergency Helpline 911

With the rising number of crimes in Pakistan, the Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has taken necessary action by launching an Emergency helpline nationwide. With this helpline, they are planning to control the rate of crimes that is the need of an hour. Over the past few years, we got to witness a lot of horrific incidents.

In order to have full control of these incidents and crimes, Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed in a meeting about the helpline 9:11: PM. The meeting was held on 30th August 2021, where many Ministers showed their presence.

Emergency helpline 911

Emergency helpline 911: pm

This emergency helpline is the first step to get control of incidents that are increasing with time. From sexual abuse to murder, every crime will be reported with this helpline, and inevitably, important measures will be taken.

The Prime Minister also revealed that all the management and important steps have been completed, and he is sure that there will be no hurdle in the process. Furthermore, the government is all set to begin this initiative from October 2021. This helpline is named Universal Pakistan Emergency Helpline 911.

More Details

The meeting where Imran Khan made this announcement was attended by many senior Ministries including the Director-General of National Information Technology Board, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Secretary of Interior, Dr. Shehbaz Gill, Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Chairman NADRA, and many more.

All the formalities including ordinance and management have come to an end. It is specially originated in order to provide complete safety to human life. The Prime Minister is hoping that with this helpline, there will be peace and safety in society.

He is making sure that every sector is responsible for their duties without neglecting their work. With this helpline, we can surely expect a better future for our country Pakistan.

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