#MeToo Campaign Breaks Silence: More Women Claims Ali Zafar of Harassment

#MeToo campaign started right after the Zainab incident, the killing and raping case of 7 years old girl. Many of the women shared their stories of being harassed at the young age, now after a gap, it started again. The famous singer Meesha Shafi shared everything on Twitter and accused the singer come actor Ali Zafar to harassment. Right after her tweet many other women broke their silence and come forth to share their incidents as well.

These women admitted that they too got harassed by Ali Zafar at different occasions. A Pakistani blogger broke her silence and spread out what had happened to her. Human Raza tweeted, “I was at an event and I saw Ali Zafar there. I was very excited so I decided to get a selfie with him.” “He didn’t say anything, but smirked and opened his arms that I took as a yes. I stood next to him and felt his hand go up the side of my waist. I felt it and I knew what happened.”

Another girl Leena Ghani grabs the courage from Meesha Shafi step and speaks out about being harassed by Ali Zafar. She tweeted, “In the many years I have known Ali, he has, on many occasions, crossed boundaries of what is appropriate behavior between friends.” she continued, “The memories of the times where Ali thought he could get away by saying vulgar things to me still disgust me.”

The girl Maham Javaid shared the story of her cousin and tweeted, “So its Meesha Shafi’s brave sharing of her experience reminded me of a story about Ali Zafar says from many many years ago, when Ali Zafar tried to kiss my cousin and pull my cousin into a restroom with him. Luckily my cousin’s friends were there to push Ali Zafar off.” Maham said, “This was on a boat on the way to a party at the Yacht Club between 2004-2005. Why don’t I remember the date? Bc this is what’s crazy: in those days such sexual harassment was such a non-issue and simultaneously such a taboo that we hardly spoke about it.”

Another girl from the US shared the harassment story of Ali Zafar on twitter.

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