New WhatsApp Feature Announced After A Long Wait


Amid the chaos of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, a new WhatsApp feature has been announced to appease the users. While many of the users are jumping ship and leaving the app behind for other apps, WhatsApp is focusing on adding new features to entice the users to get back on the app.

new WhatsApp feature

New WhatsApp Feature Announced

The technicians and geniuses behind WhatsApp are trying to add many new features. They are adding a new feature that will allow the users to “Log Out” of the app, something that the users were not able to do before. According to a report released by WABetInfo, the company has been working on adding this feature for some time now.

new WhatsApp feature

Another new WhatsApp feature in the making is the ability to operate the same account on multiple devices and the new “Log Out” feature will be an important part of it. At the moment, users cannot do that. If they try to use the same account on multiple devices, the app will ask the user to sign out from the old device before allowing you to use it on your new device.

According to the report by WABetInfo, “Multi device with WhatsApp Web: you can use WhatsApp Web without your main phone to be connected to the Internet. Multi device with WhatsApp Web: you can use WhatsApp Web without your main phone to be connected to the Internet.”

With the new WhatsApp feature to “Log Out” the users will be able to unlink the device from your main WhatsApp account. At the moment, the developers behind the app are planning on replacing the “Delete Account” option with the “Log Out” feature on linked devices.

However, the plan may change with time or with new developments. The developers also have the plan for giving options of features such as copying/moving data from the linked devices. The changes are definitely interesting and it appears that the changes may be coming quickly.

Will this make the users come back to the app is a big question. The new WhatsApp feature will definitely add more utility to the app and give more ease to the users, but it is yet to be seen when the features will be revealed. The updates can be long with WhatsApp, so it is not confirmed when these new updates will be rolled out to devices across the globe.

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