How to Spice Up Your Boring Outfit in 5 Ways

Whether it’s a simple printed Khadi kurta or a Mango crop top and jeans, sometimes it just gets sick to wear a day-to-day university outfit. This is why I am suggesting you 5 easy and affordable ways to spice up any outfit for a night out; workplace, college or could be anywhere you want to go yet look trendy without spending too much money.

ChokersBoring Outfit

Chokers are the newest yet chic accessory that I believe every Pakistani girl should own by now. It really makes any simple, boring outfit look fashionable. You can find them easily on any online jewelry shops ranging from 200-900 PKR /-. Also, the best thing about chokers is their variety! Whether it’s a simple black velvet choker, metallic, or lace it compliments every outfit.

Cut out Pointed SandalsBoring Outfit

There is something about these sandals that make the whole outfit look good instantly. It’s maybe because they give a very modern yet smart look. Cut out pointed sandals are really in trend, and can be found in the most economical shoes stores with a number of colors and designs. Do try them out!

The FusionBoring Outfit

Whenever I tried to mix up the eastern and western in a single outfit, i managed to stand out every time. For example, once I wore silver metal jhumkas with a black tank top and jeans and trust me it looked really vogue.

The Pashmina Wrapssolid-ruffled-scarf-pashmina-shawls-wraps-brown

It is one of the most common yet elegant type of scarf, and the best part about the pashmina wraps is their texture of the material and variety of colors. It can be found at local or designer store in the most vibrant prints. Plus, they are very easy to carry unlike dupatta.

A Smile!Boring Outfit

And last but not the least; I believe a gentle and warm smile can lighten up your boring outfit in the most effective way possible.

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