Pakistan Digital City: An Incredible initiative by the Government of KPK

Realizing the potential in the field, Pakistan has finally started catching up with the world in the field of technology. The Government of KPK is planning to set up the country’s first ever digital/technology city, which would be known as Pakistan Digital City.

Technology is the fastest progressing field and it has the potential to generate valuable exports worth billions, for a country such as Pakistan where most of this potential is still untapped.

The site chosen by the Government of KPK for Pakistan Digital city is Haripur, behind the Margalla Hills of Islamabad. Not only is it an extremely scenic location, but it’s a strategically important site as well, considering it is close to the Capital and the Islamabad International Airport.

Pakistan Digital City

The proposed Pakistan Digital City will lease out developed and competitive land, equipped with all the facilities required for tech businesses to prosper. KPITB has already issued an online preliminary Demand form for Investment in Pakistan Digital City, Haripur, KPK. Potential Investors will have to fill in some information including the estimated number of employees that would be hired, estimated investment, required land and estimated cost, along with the estimated amount of utilities required.

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The Pakistan Digital City certainly is an extremely commendable initiative as it is a future-proof investment. The manufacturers of Electronics, mobiles phones, computers, peripherals, communication equipment, audio video and wearable devices, alongside software houses, technology incubators, academic institutes, hospitality services, linguistic training providers and business process outsourcing firms are highly encouraged by the KPITB to invest in this project.

If this project turns out to be successful and grows in the way it is expected to, valuable technology startups in the county could start emerging and competing in the global markets, generating exports worth billions.

Rafay Khurram
Rafay Khurram
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